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National Conference On Christian Apologetics
Recorded: 10/11/13 in Charlotte NC
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(Apolo13-01) » A Message From The New SES President - Richard Land     Qty:
(Apolo13-02) » Soft Tyranny and the Politicization Of Everything - Jay Richards     Qty:
(Apolo13-03) » Jesus Among Other Gods - Stuart McAllister     Qty:
(Apolo13-04) » A 750 Year Illustration That God's Word Has Been Preserved Intact - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo13-05) » The Allah-leuia Movement - Ergun Caner     Qty:
(Apolo13-06) » Theistic Evolution: Its Scientific And Biblical - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo13-07) » Science & Genesis: Enemies or Allies? - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo13-08) » Free Speech, Sharia, And Sharing the Gospel - Nabeel Qureshi     Qty:
(Apolo13-09) » Ten Reasons For The Fall Of Atheism - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo13-10) » Why Christians Should Care About Economics - Craig Mitchess     Qty:
(Apolo13-11) » The Return Of The God Hypothesis - Stephen Meyer     Qty:
(Apolo13-12) » Apologetics In Evangelism And Missions: Lessons From Africa - John Njoroge     Qty:
(Apolo13-13) » The Global Public Square-Religious Freedom And The Making Of A World Safe For Diversity - Os Guinness     Qty:
(Apolo13-14) » The Three Liberties - Craig Mitchell     Qty:
(Apolo13-15) » Why Is There Evil? - Richard Howe     Qty:
(Apolo13-16) » Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo13-17) » Resolved: Astronomy Proves That The Universe is Billions of Years Old - Jason Lisle, Hugh Rioss     Qty:
(Apolo13-18) » Christians in Cultural Captivity: How We Got Here And How To Climb Out Of Culture's Clutches - Ray Bohlin     Qty:
(Apolo13-19) » The Postmodern Movement: Doing Apologetics In A Postmodern World - J.B. Hixson     Qty:
(Apolo13-20) » The Perfect Storm: Four Cultural Trends That Challenges Every Truth We Know - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo13-21) » Defending Human Life: Responding To The Fatal Fallacies Of Pro-Abortion Scholars - Dave Sterrett     Qty:
(Apolo13-22) » The Reference Problem In Atheism - John Ferrer     Qty:
(Apolo13-23) » Do The Heavens Really Declare The Glory Of God? - Tim Barnett     Qty:
(Apolo13-24) » Francis Schaeffer And St. Thomas Aquinas - Andrew Payne     Qty:
(Apolo13-25) » On The Nature Of Divine Truth: Aquinas' Account In Chapter 3-8 Of Summa Contra Gentiles - Timothy Brown     Qty:
(Apolo13-26) » Worldview, Theology, And You: The Cause And Effects Of Our Beliefs - J.B. Hixson     Qty:
(Apolo13-27) » Help! How Do I Answer That Question? - Nathan Betts     Qty:
(Apolo13-28) » God, Evil & Suffering: Bridging The Divide - John Njoroge     Qty:
(Apolo13-29) » One Truth, Many Stories - Michelle Tepper     Qty:
(Apolo13-30) » Christianity, Apologetics, And The Mental Health Field - Mike Kozlinski     Qty:
(Apolo13-31) » Amputees In The Image Of God - John Ferrer     Qty:
(Apolo13-32) » Mysticism - Winfried Corduan     Qty:
(Apolo13-33) » Kitchen Table Apologetics: Having Winsome Conversations - Joshua Erlien     Qty:
(Apolo13-34) » The Trinity And Tauheed: Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God? - Nabeel Qureshi     Qty:
(Apolo13-35) » East Meets West - Patty Tunnicliffe     Qty:
(Apolo13-36) » Wicca - Carey Walton     Qty:
(Apolo13-37) » A Christian Response To Interfaith Worship - B J Mauser     Qty:
(Apolo13-38) » Jesus And The Claims Of The Word Faith Movement - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(Apolo13-39) » Does Karmic Cycle Work With Our Universe! - Sibu Rajappan     Qty:
(Apolo13-40) » All Religions Don't Lead To Heaven: A Response To The Coexist Bumper Sticker - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(Apolo13-41) » Engineered Adaptability: On The Overdue Course Correction In Intelligent Design Science - Randy Guliuzza     Qty:
(Apolo13-42) » The Problem With Theistic Evolution - Jay Richards     Qty:
(Apolo13-43) » Genetic Entropy: Genetic Systems Must Change Up or Down - John Sanford     Qty:
(Apolo13-44) » Darwin, Design, And The Stories We Tell: The Rhetoric Of Science In Scientific Apologetics - Tom Woodward     Qty:
(Apolo13-45) » Answering Evolution: Responding To Major Darwinian Arguments - Tricia Scribner     Qty:
(Apolo13-46) » Does DNA = God? - Don Deal     Qty:
(Apolo13-47) » Human Enhancement: Redeeming Human Nature or Eradicating It - Kevin Staley     Qty:
(Apolo13-48) » The Genesis Creation Account: Options and Issues - Doug Potter     Qty:
(Apolo13-49) » Archeology And The Old Testament - Brian Henson     Qty:
(Apolo13-50) » Philosophy Of Science: Where ID Fails - J. Thomas Bridges     Qty:
(Apolo13-51) » Philosophical Errors In Modern Physics - Prem Isaac     Qty:
(Apolo13-52) » The Journey - A Thinking Persons Quest For Meaning - Os Guinness     Qty:
(Apolo13-53) » Rebels Without A Pause - Stuart McAllister     Qty:
(Apolo13-54) » Literature And The Question Of What It Means To Be Human - Cameron McAllister     Qty:
(Apolo13-55) » Bioethics And Image Of God - Patrick Smith     Qty:
(Apolo13-56) » Progress vs. Human Limits: A Collision In The Rear View Mirror - Richard Swenson     Qty:
(Apolo13-57) » Reaching Our Brave, New, Secular World - John Stewart     Qty:
(Apolo13-58) » What Do (young) American Believers Really Believe And How Do We Save Them From Cultural Captivity - Steve Cable     Qty:
(Apolo13-59) » The First Generations: A Comparison Between Christianity And Islam - Brendon Helms     Qty:
(Apolo13-60) » Coexist: Drinking From The Fountain Of Religious Pluralism - Adam Tucker     Qty:
(Apolo13-61) » Jesus Among Other Jesuses - Mel Winstead     Qty:
(Apolo13-62) » The Mithraic Origins Of Christianity - Allan Di Donato     Qty:
(Apolo13-63) » Islam And Terrorism - Mark Gabriel     Qty:
(Apolo13-65) » Is There An Explanation For Earth's Geology That Everyone Can Understand - Randy Guliuzza     Qty:
(Apolo13-66) » The Neo-Darwinian Paradigm Is Collapsing - John Sanford     Qty:
(Apolo13-67) » DNA's DNA: How Epigenetics Bolsters Evidence For Design - Tom Woodward     Qty:
(Apolo13-68) » Bad Philosophy Corrupts Good Science: Looking At Scientism - Chase Fields     Qty:
(Apolo13-69) » Revisiting The Exodus & Conquest: An Archaeological Survey Of The Egyptian & Israelite Evidence - Ted Wright     Qty:
(Apolo13-70) » Thomas Nagel, Meet Thomas Aquinas - J. Thomas Bridges     Qty:
(Apolo13-71) » Critiquing Naturalism - Prem Isaac     Qty:
(Apolo13-72) » The Galileo Controversy And The Challenge Of Correlating Science And Scripture - Jefrey Breshears     Qty:
(Apolo13-73) » Darwin's Doubt - Stephen Meyer     Qty:
(Apolo13-74) » Has Science Buried Faith In God? - Tim Barnett     Qty:
(Apolo13-75) » Do We Really Need God To Be Good? Finding Objective Moral Values In A Culture That Has Lost Its Way - Nathan Betts     Qty:
(Apolo13-76) » Is Jesus The Only Way: The Challenge Of Pluralism To Evangelicalism - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo13-77) » Understanding The Sanctity Of Life At The End-Of-Life - Patrick Smith     Qty:
(Apolo13-78) » Understanding Our Times: Future Trends Every Christian Should Know - Richard Swenson     Qty:
(Apolo13-79) » God, Caesar, And Self: Natural Law In An Unnatural Culture - Jeffery Ventrella     Qty:
(Apolo13-80) » Emotions And The Logic Of Bad Ideas - Matthew Graham     Qty:
(Apolo13-81) » Redeeming Relationships - Mike Kozlinski     Qty:
(Apolo13-82) » Wishful Thinking: Responding To The Pantheistic Spirituality Of Yoga, Oprah, Choprah - Dave Sterrett     Qty:
(Apolo13-83) » Can A Good Freemason Be A Good Christian? - Gil Gatch     Qty:
(Apolo13-84) » Jesus And Muhammad: Profound Differences And Surprising Similarities - Mark Gabriel     Qty:
(Apolo13-85) » Doctrinal Double Talk: Theological Flip Flops Of The Watchtower Society - Don Sanchez     Qty:
(Apolo13-86) » Philosophical Problems With The Hindu Worldview - Vikram Pimplekar     Qty:
(Apolo13-87) » Jesus In The New Age Movement: Why The New Age Jesus Can't Be Either God Or Christ - Richard Tompkins     Qty:
(Apolo13-88) » Jihad Me At Hello - Ergun Caner     Qty:
(Apolo13-89) » God And The University - Eric Chabot     Qty:
(Apolo13-90) » Fool's Talk--The Art Of Truth And The Recovery Of Persuasion - Os Guinness     Qty:
(Apolo13-91) » The Messiah And Medical Science - Nebeel Qureshi     Qty:
(Apolo13-92) » The Truth About Love: Fairytale vs Reality - Michelle Tepper     Qty:
(Apolo13-93) » Above The Law - Jeffery Ventrella     Qty:
(Apolo13-94) » It's Only Natural: Responding To Popular Arguments For Homosexual Behavior And Same-Sex Marriage - Adam Tucker     Qty:
(Apolo13-95) » Bears Gone Wild And Other Oddities Within The Old Testament: How To Defend The Text Of The Hebrew Bible - Jeremy Cummings     Qty:
(Apolo13-96) » The Ministry Of The Watchman: How Christians Can Make A Difference - Jefrey Breshears     Qty:
(Apolo13-97) » Scientology - Don Deal     Qty:
(Apolo13-98) » Biblical Interpretation And Apologetics: Defending The Faith Against Modern Trends In Hermeneutics - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(Apolo13-99) » Losing Our Religion: How To Compete For The Teenage Mind Amidst Current Social Issues - Mike Sherrard     Qty:
(Apolo13-100) » Christianity Through Jewish Eyes: An Apologetic For The Body's Calling To The Jewish People - Sam Nadler     Qty:
(Apolo13-101) » Exposing Myths Of Early Islam - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(Apolo13-102) » Defending The Faithful: An Apology For The Crusades - Allan Di Donato     Qty:
(Apolo13-103) » Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up - Cyndi Scarborough     Qty:
(Apolo13-104) » Living In Sin…Well - Jeffery Ventrella     Qty:
(Apolo13-105) » Divine Hiding: Considering The Best Argument For Atheism - Chase Fields     Qty:
(Apolo13-106) » What Does It Mean To Be Human, Male and Female? What Is One Flesh Marriage? - Nora Hale     Qty:
(Apolo13-107) » The Problem Of Evil: A Gift To An Evangelist - Jeremy Cummings     Qty:
(Apolo13-108) » I Am Spiritual, But Not Religious - Cynthia Suffern     Qty:
(Apolo13-109) » Reasons To Believe: A Discussion - Norman Geisler, Patty Tunnicliffe     Qty:
(Apolo13-111) » Improving The Effectiveness Of Evangelism To Muslims - Don Deal, Mark Gabriel     Qty:
(Apolo13-112) » Responding To The Mind Sciences And New Age Movement - Richard Tompkins     Qty:
(Apolo13-113) » Do We All Worship The Same God? The Uniqueness Of Christianity In The World Of Opposing Religious Options - Ibrahim Inuwa     Qty:
(Apolo13-114) » The Sacred-Secular Divide - Chris Mauser     Qty:
(Apolo13-115) » Christianity And The New Age - Dianna Newman     Qty:
(Apolo13-116) » Mormonism - Matt Schmidt, Michael Willenborg     Qty:
(Apolo13-117) » The First Christian Apologetics: Practicing Messianic Apologetics - Barry Leventhal     Qty:
(Apolo13-118) » Climate Change In The 21st Century - Kevin Birdwell     Qty:
(Apolo13-119) » Young Earth Presuppositinalism: How Does Our Apologetic Method Affect Our View Of The Age Of The Earth - Richard Howe, Jason Lisle, K. Scott Oliphint     Qty:
(Apolo13-122) » The Shroud Of Turin: Evidence For The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo13-123) » Original Monotheism: The Biblical View Supported By Anthropology - Winfried Corduan     Qty:
(Apolo13-124) » La Gloria de Dios - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo13-125) » Como Entender los Basicos de las Metodologias Apologeticas - Floyd Elmore     Qty:
(Apolo13-126) » Cristianismo: Subcultura, Contracultura o Brujula Cultural - Arturo Rojas     Qty:
(Apolo13-128) » Matrimonio Como Apologetica - Ernesto Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo13-129) » La Vacuna Divina Contra la Decepcion - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo13-131) » Las lecciones del paganismo. Aciertos y extravios de la religion secular - Arturo Rojas     Qty:
(Apolo13-132) » Como Resonder a los Testigos de Jehova - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo13-134) » Confrontando Nuestra Cultura - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo13-135) » Teologia de Liberacion - Ernesto Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo13-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(Apolo13-DVD) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop CDs     Qty:
(Apolo13-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(Apolo14-01) » The Supremacy Of Christ - John Munro     Qty:
(Apolo14-02) » Bringing Every Thought Captive - Richard Land     Qty:
(Apolo14-03) » The Bible: Are There Any Errors? - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo14-04) » The Man In The Middle - Tim Goeglein     Qty:
(Apolo14-05) » Does The Bible Require The State To Redistribute Wealth? - Craig Mitchell     Qty:
(Apolo14-06) » Bible: Fact, Fiction, or Fallacy - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo14-07) » Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms The Truth Of The Gospel - David Limbaugh     Qty:
(Apolo14-08) » Privileged Species Film (Q & A) - Michael Behe     Qty:
(Apolo14-09) » Darwinism Under The Microscope: How Recent Scientific Evidence Points To Divine Design - Tom Woodward     Qty:
(Apolo14-10) » The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable & Relevant? - Walt Kaiser     Qty:
(Apolo14-11) » Passing on the Faith: A Conversation with a Father and a Son - Sean McDowell & Josh McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo14-12) » Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation Of Women. Men Started It. Men Oppressed with It. Men Can End It. - Brian Fisher     Qty:
(Apolo14-13) » The Magician's Twin: C. S. Lewis's Prophetic Critique of Scientism - John West     Qty:
(Apolo14-14) » Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates The Claims Of The Gospels - J Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo14-15) » Conversational Apologetics - David Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo14-16) » Homosexuality: Compassion and Clarity - Sean McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo14-17) » Beyond The Cosmos - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo14-18) » Investigating The Historical Jesus: A Panel Discussion (Part 1) - Allan DiDonato, Gary Habermas, J Warner Wallace, Ted Wright, Joseph Bergeron, Bryant Wood     Qty:
(Apolo14-19) » Investigating The Historical Jesus: A Panel Discussion (Part 2) - Allan DiDonato, Gary Habermas, J Warner Wallace, Ted Wright, Joseph Bergeron, Bryant Wood     Qty:
(Apolo14-20) » Displacing Darwin: A New Testable Predictive Model Of Species' Origins - Nathaniel Jeanson     Qty:
(Apolo14-21) » The Internet Pornography Pandemic & Solutions - Donna Rice Hughes     Qty:
(Apolo14-22) » God Fading Away - Richard Howe     Qty:
(Apolo14-23) » Darwin's Black Box - Michael Behe     Qty:
(Apolo14-24) » Saturday closing session - Ross Rhoads     Qty:
(Apolo14-25) » The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism - Michael Behe     Qty:
(Apolo14-26) » Biblical Values in Creation: A Look At the Natural Law - Richard Howe     Qty:
(Apolo14-27) » Deconstructing Canon: Recent Challenges to the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Writings - Michael Kruger     Qty:
(Apolo14-28) » Why Science Needs Philosophy - J. Thomas Bridges & Ken Samples     Qty:
(Apolo14-29) » Humans are 70% Genetically Identical to Chimpanzees - Jeffrey Tomkins     Qty:
(Apolo14-30) » Who's Afraid of The Hominids - Doug Potter     Qty:
(Apolo14-31) » A Christian Response to Sexual Diversity - Kathryn Camp     Qty:
(Apolo14-32) » Darwin's Censors: The Growing War on Skeptics of Unguided Evolution and Supporters Of Intelligent Design - John West     Qty:
(Apolo14-33) » A Defense of Traditional Apologetics - Phil Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo14-34) » Whose Messiah Is It, Anyway? - Jason McCracken     Qty:
(Apolo14-35) » Jesus' Words Only: The Ebionite Controversy - Jeff Lenhart     Qty:
(Apolo14-36) » Is Jesus God? - Messing the Christology - Ray Ciervo     Qty:
(Apolo14-37) » CSI: Jerusalem - Joseph Bergeron     Qty:
(Apolo14-38) » Jesus' Resurrection for Skeptics - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo14-39) » Victory at Ai: Archaeology and Joshua 7-8 - Bryant Wood     Qty:
(Apolo14-40) » Darwinism and the Art of Being Shocked - Tom Woodward     Qty:
(Apolo14-41) » Aliens and the Evolution Connection - Kurt Wise     Qty:
(Apolo14-42) » Evolution goes the wrong way - Re-examining the Famous Lenski Experiment - John Sanford     Qty:
(Apolo14-43) » Noah's Flood: Global or Worldwide? - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo14-44) » Was Jesus Intolerant? - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo14-45) » Watch Your Mouth - The Words of Worship - Stephen Cutchins     Qty:
(Apolo14-46) » When Pro-Animal Becomes Anti-Human: How Peter Singer Leverages Evolution to Eliminate Imago Dei & Why He's Wrong - Jerry Johnson     Qty:
(Apolo14-47) » Aborting Aristotle - Dave Sterrett     Qty:
(Apolo14-48) » The Historical Case for Apologetics - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(Apolo14-49) » The Dating of Acts: A New Synthesis - Brendon Helms     Qty:
(Apolo14-50) » One Thing An Atheist Can't Do - Dave Glander     Qty:
(Apolo14-51) » The Case for The Resurrection - John Stewart     Qty:
(Apolo14-52) » Abductive Reasoning: A Diagnostic Approach to Christian Apologetics - Ken Samples     Qty:
(Apolo14-53) » Depraved New World: The Societal Impact of Darwinian Evolution - Phil Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo14-54) » When The Machines Take Over... or Have They Already? - Adam Johnson     Qty:
(Apolo14-55) » The Life You Can Take: How Peter Singer uses Personhood to Promote Abortion, Infanticide, and Euthanasia & Why He's Wrong - Jerry Johnson     Qty:
(Apolo14-56) » Faith In The Public Square - Tim Goeglein     Qty:
(Apolo14-57) » Superheroes and the Quest for Divinity - Kurt Wise     Qty:
(Apolo14-58) » Taking Back Social Justice from a Coexist Culture - Chelsen Vicari     Qty:
(Apolo14-59) » Alive, A Cold-Case Approach to the Resurrection - J Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo14-60) » Exposing Myths of Early Islam - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(Apolo14-61) » Of Gods & Kings: Defending the Historical Exodus - Ted Wright     Qty:
(Apolo14-62) » Unwaging the War on Women: A Historical Survey - John Ferrer     Qty:
(Apolo14-63) » God's Preservation of the New Testament - Andrew Webster     Qty:
(Apolo14-64) » Did Human Chromosome 2 Arise via Fusion of Chimpanzee Chromosomes? - Jeffrey Tomkins     Qty:
(Apolo14-65) » Biblical Genealogies and The Age of The Earth - Walt Kaiser     Qty:
(Apolo14-66) » Nature's Aims: Why Scientists Can't Get Rid Of Teleology - John Ferrer     Qty:
(Apolo14-67) » Darwin's Oversight: Modern Genetics versus Common Ancestry - Nathaniel Jeanson     Qty:
(Apolo14-68) » Evolution Goes the Wrong Way - Re-examining the Famous Avida Program - John Sanford     Qty:
(Apolo14-69) » The Fifth Gospel - Bobby Conway     Qty:
(Apolo14-70) » Does Christianity Oppress Women? - Nora Hale & Dianna Newman     Qty:
(Apolo14-71) » Reclaiming Culture for Christ With Apologetics - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(Apolo14-72) » Why So Many Bible Versions? - Mel Winstead     Qty:
(Apolo14-73) » What Would Indiana Jones Say About The Bible - Brian Henson     Qty:
(Apolo14-74) » A New Look at Evidence for Jesus' Life - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo14-75) » How Can We be Sure That What the Bible Claims is True? - Glenn Pietruski     Qty:
(Apolo14-76) » Who's Afraid of the Big Bang? - Don Deal     Qty:
(Apolo14-77) » Philosophical Errors in Modern Physics - Prem Isaac     Qty:
(Apolo14-78) » Defending Inerrancy in a New Generation: A Conversation With the Authors - William Roach & Norman Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo14-79) » Camp D.A.V.I.D.: Robots and Al in the Workplace - Kevin Staley     Qty:
(Apolo14-80) » Integrating African American Believers into Christian Apologetics - Kimberly Credit     Qty:
(Apolo14-81) » Pop Culture and the Problem of Evil - J. Thomas Bridges     Qty:
(Apolo14-82) » Relation and Trinity: The Apologetic Implications of the Evangelical Gender Debate - Matthew Joss     Qty:
(Apolo14-83) » The Shroud of Turin: The Science of the Shroud - Joseph Bergeron     Qty:
(Apolo14-84) » History Can be Known: A Refutation of Historical Skepticism - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(Apolo14-85) » The Walls of Jericho: Did They REALLY Come Tumblin Down? - Bryant Wood     Qty:
(Apolo14-86) » Apologetics: Paying It Forward - Dave Glander     Qty:
(Apolo14-87) » Refuting Hinduism: "gods on Trial" - Peter Michael     Qty:
(Apolo14-88) » Hacia una Cosmovision Cristiana - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo14-89) » Cristianismo o Gnosticismo - Arturo Rojas     Qty:
(Apolo14-90) » Una Defensa Biblica del Matrimonio Natural - Ernesto Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo14-91) » El Cristianismo frente al escepticismo y toda su parentela ideologica - Arturo Rojas     Qty:
(Apolo14-92) » El barco de Darwin: Se esta hundiendo? - Tom Woodward     Qty:
(Apolo14-93) » La Tierra el lugar elegindo - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
(Apolo14-95) » La nueva fisica y el Dios Creador - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
(Apolo14-96) » La Biblia: Verdad, Ficcion, o Falacia - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(Apolo14-97) » Cinco razones por las cuales no soy un ateo - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo14-98) » Tres Argumentos Contra el Matrimonio Homosexual - Ernesto Fernandez     Qty:
(Apolo14-99) » Into the Void: The Coming Transhuman Transformation - Lawrence Terlizzese     Qty:
(Apolo14-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(Apolo14-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
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