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SES Apologetics Conference
Recorded: 10/13/17 in Charlotte NC
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(Apolo17-01) » Your Most Important Thinking Skill - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo17-02) » Anthropic Principles - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo17-03) » Why Machines Won't Replace You - Jay Richards     Qty:
(Apolo17-04) » Debate: Is There A God Who Speaks? - Richard Howe & Dan Barker     Qty:
(Apolo17-05) » Defending the Faith in a Post-Modern World - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo17-06) » Credo: The Story of Reality - Greg Koukl     Qty:
(Apolo17-07) » ¿Es exclusiva la fe cristiana? - Logan Gates     Qty:
(Apolo17-08) » Who and What is a Human Being? - Richard Land     Qty:
(Apolo17-09) » Saving a Sick America: How the Bible is Still God's Prescription for Moral and Cultural Reformation - Michael Brown     Qty:
(Apolo17-10) » ¿Cuàl Dios? Cómo sabemos que el Dios de la Biblia es el único Dios verdadero - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo17-11) » God's Word or Man's Word: From Where Must Apologetics Begin? - Richard Howe & Ken Ham     Qty:
(Apolo17-12) » Call of Duty - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo17-13) » Responding to New Atheist Arguments - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo17-14) » Using Rabbinic Literature to Present Jesus as Messiah - Michael Brown     Qty:
(Apolo17-15) » Engaging Our Culture with Questions: Moving Toward Spiritual Conversations - David Geisler & Don Deal     Qty:
(Apolo17-16) » Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition that Life is Designed - Doug Axe     Qty:
(Apolo17-17) » The Difference Between Psychics and Prophets - Harold Felder     Qty:
(Apolo17-18) » Turning Skeptics into Seekers - Ray Ciervo     Qty:
(Apolo17-19) » Building the Country Church on a Biblical Foundation - Butch Ikels     Qty:
(Apolo17-20) » Driven to Distraction - Kathryn Camp     Qty:
(Apolo17-21) » Misquoting Truth: The Errors of Bart Ehrman's - Lawrence Helms     Qty:
(Apolo17-22) » Creationism: A Balanced Approach - Eric Gustafson     Qty:
(Apolo17-23) » Are Allah and Jehovah the Same God? - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(Apolo17-24) » Apologetics at Home - Rodney Navey     Qty:
(Apolo17-25) » Descendemos de los simios? Pruebas cientificas de la singularidad humana - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
(Apolo17-26) » The Reformation's Relevance Today - Richard Land     Qty:
(Apolo17-27) » God's Crime Scene - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo17-28) » Jesus: The Only Hope of the World's Religions - Ken Samples     Qty:
(Apolo17-29) » How the Coconino Sandstone of the Grand Canyon Supports Young-Earth Creation and a Global Flood - John Whitmore     Qty:
(Apolo17-30) » From Perversion to Orientation: How a Shift in Terminology Led to the Inversion of Moral Judgment - Jeff Lenhart     Qty:
(Apolo17-31) » Lost in Translations: From Papyri to iPad - How we got our English Bible and Why we Can Trust It - Thomas McCuddy     Qty:
(Apolo17-32) » The Evidential and the Logical Problem of Evil - J. Andrew Payne     Qty:
(Apolo17-33) » Detangling the Documentary Hypothesis Hold on Biblical Studies - Kristen Davis     Qty:
(Apolo17-34) » Would A Good God Allow Death Before the Fall? - Kyle Keltz     Qty:
(Apolo17-35) » Overcoming Church Leadership Objections to Apologetics Training - Dan Britton     Qty:
(Apolo17-36) » Don't Run from the Trinity! Leveraging Our Muslim Neighbors Natural Desire to Talk about the Trinity to Lead them to the Jesus of the Bible - J. Anthony Hildahl     Qty:
(Apolo17-37) » Antisemitism: A Proof for Yahweh - Kurt Wise     Qty:
(Apolo17-38) » Darwin vs. Moses: Whose Statements are Backed up by the Evidences We Now Have Available to Us - David Glander     Qty:
(Apolo17-39) » Dios y los derechos humanos: ¿Amigos o enemigos? - Logan Gates     Qty:
(Apolo17-40) » The Resurrection Timeline - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo17-41) » Reaffirming Biblical Authority: The Making of - Jeff Chamblee & M.D. Perkins     Qty:
(Apolo17-42) » The Ring of Truth: Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels - Tim McGrew     Qty:
(Apolo17-43) » Seven Reasons Why Christians Should Not Accept Millions of Years - Terry Mortenson     Qty:
(Apolo17-44) » Beyond the Church Walls: Helping the Next Generation Defend Christianity in a Post-Christian World - Michael Sherrard     Qty:
(Apolo17-45) » Adam and Eve: New Genetic Evidence - John Sanford     Qty:
(Apolo17-46) » Can We Trust the Bible? - Mel Winstead     Qty:
(Apolo17-47) » LifeGivers Apologetics: Women as Naturally Designed Defenders of the Faith - Tricia Scribner     Qty:
(Apolo17-48) » Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah? - Eric Chabot     Qty:
(Apolo17-49) » Thinking Through the Challenges of Social Media - Mark Phillips     Qty:
(Apolo17-50) » Making a Case for Life: Becoming a Pro-Life Thinker - Gerard Figurelli     Qty:
(Apolo17-51) » The Two Falls Theodicy: A Christian Response to the Problem of Animal Suffering - John Ferrer     Qty:
(Apolo17-52) » Shroud of Turin - David Glander     Qty:
(Apolo17-53) » El Argumento Moral: Como el mal termina probando la existencia de Dios - Jorge Gil Calderon     Qty:
(Apolo17-54) » Panel Discussion: The Relationship Between Science, Philosophy, and Christianity - J.T. Bridges, J.P. Moreland, Jay Richards     Qty:
(Apolo17-55) » Evidence for the Minimal Facts - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo17-56) » Six Mistakes We Make in Interpreting the Bible (and How to STOP Doing That) - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo17-57) » Types of Arguments for God's Existence: What Makes an Argument Good? - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(Apolo17-58) » The Decay of Western Civilization: How Postmodern Relativism Eats Culture - Chris Van Allsburg     Qty:
(Apolo17-59) » Unveiling the Facts of Shariah (Islamic Law) - Tony Gurule     Qty:
(Apolo17-60) » How Do We Know the Bible is From God? Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies - Brian Henson     Qty:
(Apolo17-61) » Talking About Gender - Cynthia Suffern     Qty:
(Apolo17-62) » Jehovah's Witnesses Examined - Harold Hansen     Qty:
(Apolo17-63) » God's Foreknowledge of Future Free Actions: An Analytic and Thomistic Appraisal - Matthew Coté     Qty:
(Apolo17-64) » Post-Truth Apologetics: A Challenge to Apologists - Jeremy Cummings     Qty:
(Apolo17-65) » Three Voices That Have Gotten Into your Student's Head: A Look at some Ideas that Are Shaping the Next Generation - Josh Erlien     Qty:
(Apolo17-66) » Ciencia y cristianismo: ¿se contradicen? - Daniel Diaz     Qty:
(Apolo17-67) » Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds - Vince Eccles, Corey Miller, Latayne Scott, Lynn Wilder     Qty:
(Apolo17-68) » Walking in Wisdom Towards Outsiders: A Conversation with Greg Koukl & Daivd Geisler - Greg Koukl, David Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo17-69) » Did God Command Genocide? - Doug Potter     Qty:
(Apolo17-70) » Understanding Major Islamic Terrorist Groups - Zach Turek     Qty:
(Apolo17-71) » All Roads Don't Lead to Heaven-Answering the COEXIST Bumper Sticker - Stevon Garofalo     Qty:
(Apolo17-72) » The Call to Baptize Darwinism, and Why We Should Reject It - Doug Axe     Qty:
(Apolo17-73) » Minding Our Differences: Listen; Ask; Engage - Anjeanette AJ Roberts     Qty:
(Apolo17-74) » What is Natural About the Natural Law? - Timothy Brown     Qty:
(Apolo17-75) » The Verdict of History: How Non-Christian Sources Authenticate the Gospels - Tim McGrew     Qty:
(Apolo17-76) » Approaching the Natural Sciences: A Philosopher's Tale - J.T. Bridges     Qty:
(Apolo17-77) » Philosophical Issues in Anti-Theistic Physics - Prem Isaac     Qty:
(Apolo17-78) » Reading to Grow: A Field Guide to the Bible - Bernard Mauser     Qty:
(Apolo17-79) » El exterminio de los cannaneos. ¿Es Dios un genocida?a - Arturo Rojas     Qty:
(Apolo17-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(Apolo17-DVD) » - Everything recorded on DVD with the rest CDs     Qty:
(Apolo17-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(Apolo17-DVD/Flash) » - Everything recorded on DVD with the rest on a flash drive     Qty:
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