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National Church Music Conference
Recorded: 4/17/07 in Plainfield IN
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(NCMC07-1) » Communicating With Those Who Listen With Their Eyes - Greg Atkinson     Qty:
(NCMC07-2) » Wednesday & Thursday Devotions - Steve White     Qty:
(NCMC07-3) » Closing Worship Service - Mark Hayes & NCMC Team     Qty:
(NCMC07-4) » Our Guests: Up Close & Personal - Greg Atkinson, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Paul Leddington-Wright, Mark Hayes     Qty:
(NCMC07-5) » Conducting Master Class #1 - Paul Leddington-Wright     Qty:
(NCMC07-6) » Hymns, Worship And Christian Thought - Keith Getty     Qty:
(NCMC07-7) » I Think I'd Like Ministry If It Weren't For The People - Steve White     Qty:
(NCMC07-8) » The Songs That Jesus Sang: Singing The Bible For Young Worshippers - Kristyn Getty     Qty:
(NCMC07-9) » The Guts Of The Gear: AUDIO - Ken Powell     Qty:
(NCMC07-10) » Accompanying Congregations - Mark Hayes     Qty:
(NCMC07-11) » Taking Your Worship Team To The Next Level - Greg Atkinson     Qty:
(NCMC07-12) » Instrumental Class, Session #1 - Dr. Richard Sowers     Qty:
(NCMC07-13) » Conducting Master Class #2 - Paul Leddington-Wright     Qty:
(NCMC07-14) » Writing Music For The 21st Century: Where Do I Begin - Keith Getty     Qty:
(NCMC07-15) » Beginning, Developing & Leading Your Church's Media Ministry - Greg Atkinson     Qty:
(NCMC07-16) » Everyone's A Winner: Games For Music - Brenda Floyd     Qty:
(NCMC07-17) » The Guts Of The Gear: VIDEO - Ken Powell     Qty:
(NCMC07-18) » Does Over 50 Mean Out To Pasture? - John Sarno, Don Sewell, Shockley Flick, Tim Neuenschwander     Qty:
(NCMC07-19) » Instrumental Class, Session #2 - Dr. Richard Sowers     Qty:
(NCMC07-20) » Improvisation & Arranging For Keyboard - Mark Hayes     Qty:
(NCMC07-21) » Emerging Church Practicalities - Shockley Flick, Ken Read     Qty:
(NCMC07-22) » International Church Music Festival 25th Anniversary Preview - Paul Leddington-Wright, Becky Ahlberg     Qty:
(NCMC07-23) » Found Sounds - Brenda Floyd     Qty:
(NCMC07-24) » Serving When You're Not The Top Dog - Steve White     Qty:
(NCMC07-25) » When The Gears Grind - Ken Powell     Qty:
(NCMC07-26) » Leading And Planning Multi-sensory Worship - Greg Atkinson     Qty:
(NCMC07-28) » Composer Symposium - Joe Martin & Friends     Qty:
(NCMC07-29) » Avoiding Rookie Mistakes: Making The Most Of Your Early Years - Jared Adamson, Nicole Thompson     Qty:
(NCMC07-30) » In Case Of Rehearsal... - Brenda Floyd     Qty:
(NCMC07-31) » Ministry Spouses: Giving & Finding Support - Shawn Pogue     Qty:
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