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National Conference on Christian Apologetics
Recorded: 11/9/07 in Charlotte NC
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(APOL07-22) » Computers! Movies! TV! Ipods! Holy Living in a Media Driven World - Bob Smitherhouse     Qty:
(APOL07-21) » Sex, Love, and the Truth: God's Purity Game Plan - Mike Ross     Qty:
(APOL07-20) » Christians and the Environment: Global Warming, the Environment, and Saving the Earth. What is the Truly Biblical Position? - Ted Wright     Qty:
(APOL07-19) » Biblical Sexuality in an 'Anything Goes' World - Dr. Dave Johnson     Qty:
(APOL07-18) » Archaeological Apologetics The Top Finds in Archaeology that Support the Bible - Dr. Scott Matscherz     Qty:
(APOL07-17) » Understanding Who God Truly Is - Jason Reed     Qty:
(APOL07-16) » How We Got Our Bible - Harold Rawlings, PhD.     Qty:
(APOL07-15) » Installing a Biblical World View in the Lives of Teens - Mike Calhoun     Qty:
(APOL07-14) » Does the Bible Contain Mistakes? - Tom Howe, PhD.     Qty:
(APOL07-13) » Marriage as God Sees It - Mitch Temple     Qty:
(APOL07-12) » Dealing With Doubt: Do True Christians Ever Have Doubts? - Gary R. Habermas, PhD.     Qty:
(APOL07-11) » Jesus and the Bible vs. Muhammad and the Quran? - Anis Shorrosh, PhD.     Qty:
(APOL07-10) » Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust The Bible - Dr. Erwin Lutzer     Qty:
(APOL07-09) » Back To The Future Of Apologetics - Lee Strobel     Qty:
(APOL07-08) » What's So Great About Christianity? - Dinesh D'Souza     Qty:
(APOL07-07) » The Resurrection of Jesus: The Argument that Convinced a Generation of Scholars - Gary R. Habermas, PhD.     Qty:
(APOL07-06) » Becoming a Contagious Christian - Mark Mittelberg     Qty:
(APOL07-05) » Defending Truth in the Clash of Civilizations - Chuck Colson     Qty:
(APOL07-04) » How Do We Know that the Christians After Jesus Didn't Invent a New Jesus, the Jesus of Faith? - John Ankerberg     Qty:
(APOL07-03) » A Relevant Apologetic for the 21st Century - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(APOL07-02) » Equipping Youth with a Biblical Worldview - Sean McDowell     Qty:
(APOL07-01) » Slandering Jesus - Dr. Erwin Lutzer     Qty:
(APOL07-23) » I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist - Frank Turek     Qty:
(APOL07-24) » The Holy Spirit: Understanding the Person, Nature, and Work of God the Holy Spirit - Esther Fleece     Qty:
(APOL07-25) » How Teens Can Affect Cultural Change - Tim Echols     Qty:
(APOL07-26) » Prime Time Jesus - What's the Big Deal? - Dillon Burroughs     Qty:
(APOL07-27) » Can Atheists Live by Bread Alone? - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(APOL07-CDSET) » Complete Set of CDs - National Conference on Christian Apologetics     Qty:
(APOL07-DVDSET) » Main Session DVDs with Workshop CDs - National Conference on Christian Apologetics     Qty:
(APOL07-FULLSET) » Complete Set of ALL DVDs and CDs - National Conference on Christian Apologetics     Qty:
(APOL07-MP3SET) » Complete Set of MP3 Files on 1 CD - National Conference on Christian Apologetics     Qty:
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