Hutch Recordings is a professional on-site recording and duplicating company with a commitment to quality and service.

Being family owned and operated since our beginning in 1976, audio tapes had been our main business, not a sideline. In 2001, we expanded our service to include CD's. In 2004, we expanded even more to duplicating DVDs. And starting in 2012,all sessions are now available in mp3 format. And In 2020 most main sessions are available in MP4 format. Our vast experience has made us one of the largest portable recording and duplicating services in the United States. Regardless of the size of your conference, we can meet the demand. Our crew and equipment can record up to forty workshops at a time and duplicate 1000 CDs per hour and 600 DVDs per hour. This highly efficient combination means your audience can purchase CDs or DVDs within a few minutes after each session. And most MP3 & MP4 orders are emailed a link by the end of the day of the meeting. This also means that there is no need for advanced orders. We record meetings ranging from a hundred with only a few workshops to a national church convention with more than 150 workshops and an average attendance of 5,000.

Because our operation is totally portable, we travel to your location, record the session masters, duplicate the CD and DVD copies and sell at the convention site. Following the convention, all the master recordings are kept on file at our office for mail order purchases. All that is required to place an order is to call our phone number or order online at

The master recordings of each session are made from outside the meeting rooms to minimize any disturbance to the presenter or the audience. We continually challenge ourselves to keep all cabling and equipment neat and orderly in appearance. These considerations reflect favorably on you as well as on us.

Our crew is made up of trained professionals with many years experience. We preserve your sessions on high quality cds made by Taiyo Yuden, using Marantz CD recorders. The CDs are duplicated on MicroBoards & US Digital Media high speed duplicators. Having our own service department assures continual top quality operation and performance from every piece of equipment. And if desired, with our computer system, we are able to put your organization logo on the CD and DVD.

With this level of quality and competence, we can offer a fully guaranteed product. All of our media options are 100% guaranteed. If there is ever a problem with a CD, DVD, MP3 or MP4 file, we will replace it at no cost to the customer. Many long hours of hard work have been put into your meeting and should not be spent on only the live audience. By providing the entire audience the ability to hear again each session, your labor can be multiplied. We work hard to provide you the means for your meeting to be preserved for future reference, with a level of clarity which is matched by no-one. Our service is designed to save you from frustration and headaches. The relationship Hutch Recordings has with its clients is one of personalized service and uncompromising quality.

For most meetings, we make no charge for any of our services. Our income is derived only from the CD,DVD, MP3 & MP4 sales. All we ask for is an adequate booth space in a prominent location from which to duplicate and sell.

And if you only need your conference recorded, give us a call and we will give you a price for only the recordings.

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