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National Conference On Christian Apologetics
Recorded: 10/12/18 in Charlotte NC
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(APOLO18-01) » God's Crime Scene: Evidence for God's Existence From the Fine-Tuning of the Universe - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(APOLO18-02) » The Christian and Social Justice: What Does the God Who Is Want Us to Do? - Richard Land     Qty:
(APOLO18-03) » What is God Like? Look to the Heavens - Frank Turek     Qty:
(APOLO18-04) » Does Gender Matter? - Nora Hale     Qty:
(APOLO18-05) » Rescatando la verdad en un mundo que la ha perdido - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(APOLO18-06) » A Seismic Shift in the Inerrancy Debate - Norman Geisler     Qty:
(APOLO18-07) » Resurrection Timeline - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(APOLO18-08) » Miracles: A Philosophy, Theology, and Apologetic - Richard Howe     Qty:
(APOLO18-09) » Correcto, y Politicamente Incorrecto - Jorge Gil     Qty:
(APOLO18-10) » Who Is God? - Ravi Zacharias     Qty:
(APOLO18-11) » Q & A - Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell, Richard Land, Richard Howe     Qty:
(APOLO18-12) » He May Be Your Father, But He Is Not Your 'Old Man' - Josh McDowell     Qty:
(APOLO18-13) » The God Who Wants Us to Test Him: Testing Genesis With the Latest Science - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(APOLO18-14) » Equipping the Next Generation With a Confident Faith - Natasha Crain     Qty:
(APOLO18-15) » Cosmovisiones en Confiticto: Prepar?ndonas para las Confrontaciones Inevitables - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(APOLO18-16) » Re-Thinking Apologetics for the 21st Century - Chip Ingram     Qty:
(APOLO18-17) » Panel Discussion: Is the Age of the Earth a Matter of Biblical Authority? - Norman Geisler, Randy Guliuzza, Richard Howe, Hugh Ross     Qty:
(APOLO18-18) » Making Moral Decisions in a Fallen, Immoral World - Richard Land     Qty:
(APOLO18-19) » Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth - Fuz Rana     Qty:
(APOLO18-20) » What's Wrong with the New Atheism? - Bob Stewart     Qty:
(APOLO18-21) » 3 Critical Thinking Skills Every Child Should have - Natasha Crain     Qty:
(APOLO18-22) » The Power of Story: Worldview in Film - Ken Boa     Qty:
(APOLO18-23) » Is Jesus The Only Way to Heaven? - Dave Glander     Qty:
(APOLO18-24) » How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? - Doug Potter     Qty:
(APOLO18-25) » Falling Prey, Not Your Kids? Think Again? - Joshua Erlien     Qty:
(APOLO18-26) » Light for Natural Reason: Defending Classical Approaches to Apologetics - Kurt Jaros     Qty:
(APOLO18-27) » The Age of the Earth: A Charitable Approach - Eric Gustafson     Qty:
(APOLO18-28) » Who's Right? How to Know Who Really Has the Best Explanation - Matthew Joss     Qty:
(APOLO18-29) » What Jehovah's Witnesses Don't Know About Knowing God - Donald Sanchez     Qty:
(APOLO18-30) » Aquinas on Faith and Reason - Kyle Keltz     Qty:
(APOLO18-31) » Going Back for the Sake of Our Future: Womanhood - Dianna Williams     Qty:
(APOLO18-32) » If God Exists, Which One? - Sibu Rajappan     Qty:
(APOLO18-33) » No Tengo Suficiente Fe Para Ser Ateo - Jorge Gil     Qty:
(APOLO18-34) » The Ultimate Apologetic: How to Reintroduce "The Real God" to your Church - Chip Ingram     Qty:
(APOLO18-35) » Intelligent Design Uncensored - Jonathan Witt     Qty:
(APOLO18-36) » Crucial Conversation: A Dialogue with Dr. David Geisler and the NGIM Staff - Don Deal, David Geisler, Brian Henson, Thomas McCuddy     Qty:
(APOLO18-37) » Did the Universe Really Begin to Exist? - Jeff Zweerink     Qty:
(APOLO18-38) » The LDS Plan of Eternal Progression - Sandra Tanner     Qty:
(APOLO18-39) » Simple is Better: The Importance of Divine Simplicity in the Defense of the Faith - James Dolezal     Qty:
(APOLO18-40) » A Case for Total Inerrancy of the Bible - Melton Winstead     Qty:
(APOLO18-41) » The Immoral God of the Bible: Answering Atheist Arguments - Steven Lewis     Qty:
(APOLO18-42) » The Historical Reliability of the New Testament - Lawrence Helms     Qty:
(APOLO18-43) » Navigating in a Post-Truth, Anti-Christian World - Ray Ciervo     Qty:
(APOLO18-44) » Finding Purpose on the Journey to Nowhere - Tricia Scribner     Qty:
(APOLO18-45) » Yahweh above all: Monotheism versus Polytheism in Ancient Israel - Adam Davis     Qty:
(APOLO18-46) » The Importance of Discipleship in Apologetics Youth Ministry - Mark Phillips     Qty:
(APOLO18-47) » Beauty: An Inconvenient Reality for Atheism - Carey Walton     Qty:
(APOLO18-48) » History, Heresy, and a Changing God - Levi Kilian     Qty:
(APOLO18-49) » What is the World of Faith Movement? - Rob Velez     Qty:
(APOLO18-50) » T?cticas: Estrategias para Debatir Nuestras Convicciones - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(APOLO18-51) » Forensic Faith: Simple Rules of Evidence That Will Help You Share the Gospel - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(APOLO18-52) » It's Time to Do Biology as if Darwin Had Never Been Born - Randy Guliuzza     Qty:
(APOLO18-53) » Understanding and Defending the Deity of Christ - Rob Bowman     Qty:
(APOLO18-54) » How the Most Important Attribute of God Relates to Apologetics - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(APOLO18-55) » Intro to God's Revelation - M.D. Perkins, Richard Howe     Qty:
(APOLO18-56) » The Challenge of Islam - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(APOLO18-57) » Reaching the Lost in Cults - David Montoya     Qty:
(APOLO18-58) » AI: A Thomistic Consideration - Timothy Brown     Qty:
(APOLO18-59) » Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering? - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(APOLO18-60) » Lost in Translation: From Papyri to iPad - Is the KJV the Only Correct English Translation? - Thomas McCuddy     Qty:
(APOLO18-61) » Don't Lose the Heart of Your Child While Trying to Win the Mind of Your Child - Rodney Navey     Qty:
(APOLO18-62) » Natural Law and the Call of God - Daniel Roberts     Qty:
(APOLO18-63) » Identity Crisis: The Coexist Movement and the Nature of God - Kathryn Camp     Qty:
(APOLO18-64) » Cross Currents in Contemporary Bibliology and the Historical Adam - William Roach     Qty:
(APOLO18-65) » Is Jesus Really Calling? A Thoughtful Critique of Hearing from God - Matt Schmidt     Qty:
(APOLO18-66) » Are Miracles Possible? - Harold Hansen     Qty:
(APOLO18-67) » Los f?siles humanos: la caida del ?ltimo icono de Darwin - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
(APOLO18-68) » How to Answer the Objection: "There are Errors in the Bible" - Frank Turek     Qty:
(APOLO18-69) » Practicing God's Presence - Ken Boa     Qty:
(APOLO18-70) » DNA's Inspirational Design - Fuz Rana     Qty:
(APOLO18-71) » More Scriptures Than the Bible? A Look at the LDS Canon - Sandra Tanner     Qty:
(APOLO18-72) » Great Answers to Sean McDowell's Three Key Questions about Origins - Randy Guliuzza     Qty:
(APOLO18-73) » Why Being a Good Apologist Requires You to Use Philosophy - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(APOLO18-74) » Radiometric Dating-Fact or Fiction? - Ken Wolgemuth     Qty:
(APOLO18-75) » Christianity and Slavery - H.C. Felder     Qty:
(APOLO18-76) » Richard Dawkins is Right! - Don Deal     Qty:
(APOLO18-77) » The God of the New Mormonism: Is He the God of the Bible? - Richard Tompkins     Qty:
(APOLO18-78) » Jesus in the Old Testament - Jeremy Cummings     Qty:
(APOLO18-79) » YHWH or Allah: One and the Same? - J. Anton Hildahl     Qty:
(APOLO18-80) » Inerrancy and the Words of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels: A Look at the Issues of Ipsissima Vox and Ipsissima Verba - Thomas Baker     Qty:
(APOLO18-81) » Breaking the Bible Verse Stalemate: Philosophical Pre-Conditions in Counter-Cult Apologetics - Ramon Margallo     Qty:
(APOLO18-82) » God is Love, or Love Is God? - Gerard Figurelli     Qty:
(APOLO18-83) » Apologetics and the Holy Trinity - Prem Isaac     Qty:
(APOLO18-84) » La creaci?n desde la nada y la cosmologia moderna - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
(APOLO18-85) » The Evidence for the Minimal Facts - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(APOLO18-86) » Book of Mormon Problems: What They Teach Us About Biblical Reliability - Rob Bowman     Qty:
(APOLO18-87) » Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design - Jonathan Witt     Qty:
(APOLO18-88) » Is Jesus Really the Only Savior? - Bob Stewart     Qty:
(APOLO18-89) » The Good News of Impassible Love - James Dolezal     Qty:
(APOLO18-90) » Is Transgenderism Logical? - Marty Baker     Qty:
(APOLO18-91) » Jesus and Socialism - Bernard Mauser     Qty:
(APOLO18-92) » Dinosaurs and the Bible - Dave Glander     Qty:
(APOLO18-93) » Language and the Knowledge of God: How Do We Use Language to Talk About God? - Matthew Cote     Qty:
(APOLO18-94) » Archaeology and the New Testament - Brian Henson     Qty:
(APOLO18-95) » The Philosophical Failures of Islamic Theology - Olin Giles     Qty:
(APOLO18-96) » Apologetics For Tweens - Thomas Griffin     Qty:
(APOLO18-97) » Responding to Common Objections on College Campuses - Eric Chabot     Qty:
(APOLO18-98) » Heart-Needs: The Essential Link Between God's Existence and Our Lifestyle Apologetic - Mike Kozlinski     Qty:
(APOLO18-99) » The God Who Is: I AM! - Del Potter     Qty:
(APOLO18-100) » El origen de la moralidad - Antonio Cruz     Qty:
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