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International Conference On Missions
Recorded: 11/15/18 in Cincinnati OH
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(ICOM18-76) » So, You Want to Start a NonProfit, Huh? - Brian Berman     Qty:
(ICOM18-77) » Discovering and Sharing Jesus Christ in Post-Christian Contexts - Brett Seybold     Qty:
(ICOM18-74) » Praying Through the city: A Plan for Leading a Prayer Walk in Your City - Kendi Howells Douglas, Brittnay Parsons, Alyssa Price     Qty:
(ICOM18-73) » Perseverance Under Trial - Staying Engaged Through Tough Times - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-72) » Why Are Youth Abandoning the Church? - Jesse Frame and Aaron Arnold     Qty:
(ICOM18-69) » Embrace Your Weird Ministry Team: Discover Your God-Given Personality Patterns to Boost Communication, Commitment and Enthusiasm - Tommy Lanham     Qty:
(ICOM18-67) » Momentum: Getting Everyday People Out of the Pews - Facilitated by Becca Patton and Mark Whited     Qty:
(ICOM18-66) » The ABC's of False Teaching - Lynn Lusby Pratt & Lena Wood     Qty:
(ICOM18-65) » The Five Responses to Evil - Nik and Ruth Ripken     Qty:
(ICOM18-64) » Creating a Culture for Disciple Making - in Your Home, Neighborhood, and Ministry (Part 2) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM18-63) » Combating the Sex Trafficking of Underage Boys - Wade Landers     Qty:
(ICOM18-62) » Islam and Christianity: Similarities and Differences - Fouad Masri     Qty:
(ICOM18-61) » Do You Have a Reservation? - Diana Lawrence     Qty:
(ICOM18-60) » Persecution and Suffering - Curtis Sergeant     Qty:
(ICOM18-58) » Navigating Missionary Transitions - Brian Gibson     Qty:
(ICOM18-57) » Seven Essentials for an Effective Prayer Ministry at Your Mission or at Your Church - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM18-56) » A Major Gifts Program from the Ground Up - Daren Wendell and David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-55) » Hinduism Basics - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM18-54) » The Restoration Revolution in Cuba can be Reproduced in Your Church - Michael Householder     Qty:
(ICOM18-53) » Post-college, but NOT Post-adolescent: How to Effectively Reach out to and Bless Twenty-somethings (a major unreached group) through Your Church - Mark Pike     Qty:
(ICOM18-52) » From Minuscule to Monumental: Turning Maybe's into Must's and Molehills into Mountains - Steph Saufley and Katie Campbell     Qty:
(ICOM18-51) » Healing the Wounds of the Heart Caused by Trauma - Kathy Graves     Qty:
(ICOM18-50) » Strengthening Missions Workers Through Coaching - Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM18-49) » What Availability Looks Like - Barry Jensen     Qty:
(ICOM18-48) » Going Deeper with God through Intimate Times with Him - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM18-47) » You Are The Weakest Link! Perfect! - Wendy Fitzgerald     Qty:
(ICOM18-46) » Doing Urban Ministry for the Long Haul - Debe Weiss     Qty:
(ICOM18-45) » Steps of Faith ? Tips & Tools for Getting From Here to There - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-43) » Learning to Multiply: Church Planting Using the Cell Church Model - Eric Duggins     Qty:
(ICOM18-42) » Welcoming Refugees: Our Community's Experience - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM18-41) » Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim - Saleem Massey     Qty:
(ICOM18-40) » Debriefing - Getting the Most Out of Your Short-Term Missions Investment - Don Johnson     Qty:
(ICOM18-39) » Unhindered Communication - La comunicaci?n sin impedimento: - Jonathan Meza     Qty:
(ICOM18-38) » Initiating Disciple Making Movements Through Bible Translations - Greg Pruett     Qty:
(ICOM18-37) » Starting an International Student Outreach from Scratch - Phil Parker and Tom Schneller     Qty:
(ICOM18-36) » Believers in Persecution and the Three Non-Negotiables - Nik and Ruth Ripken     Qty:
(ICOM18-35) » Creating a Culture for Disciple Making - in Your Home, Neighborhood, and Ministry (Part 1) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM18-34) » Today's Church is the Answer to Combating Human Trafficking - Brian & Skye Steele     Qty:
(ICOM18-33) » Islam: It?s Beliefs and Rituals - Fouad Masri     Qty:
(ICOM18-32) » Unhindered Generosity - Larrie Fraley     Qty:
(ICOM18-28) » So, You Want to Fly? What is Mission Aviation? - Mike Mower     Qty:
(ICOM18-27) » What My Church Did Right - Facilitated by Andrew Jit, featuring a missionary panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-26) » Why Are They Acting That Way?! - Steve and Linda Whitmer     Qty:
(ICOM18-25) » The Anatomy of a Successful Development Strategy: 7 Essential Elements You Can Understand and Implement - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-24) » How Better Understanding Spiritual Warfare Can Help Your Mission and Your Church? - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM18-23) » Helping Your Church Navigate Change - Jim Estep     Qty:
(ICOM18-22) » How Can a Local Church Reach Out to the College Campus? - Brad Pontius, Aaron and Justine Hatton     Qty:
(ICOM18-21) » Fingerless Gloves and the Great Commission: Every Team Member Matters - Karen Wingate     Qty:
(ICOM18-20) » The Missionary Position: Sexual Issues for Cross Cultural Workers - Margaret Pennington     Qty:
(ICOM18-19) » A Leader's Life Purpose - Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM18-18) » Being Content and Staying on the Field for the Long Haul - Randall Smelser     Qty:
(ICOM18-17) » 30 Spiritual Weapons from Scripture - Steve Hemphill     Qty:
(ICOM18-16) » The Gospel of the Kingdom - Bryan Benz     Qty:
(ICOM18-15) » Reaching the Nations Next Door - Jared Looney     Qty:
(ICOM18-14) » Hearing His Voice - "You want me, LORD?" - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-13) » Common Ground: Ladies Only - Wendy Fitzgerald     Qty:
(ICOM18-12) » Lunch With Missionaries (Saturday) - Rachel Wages, Steven & Vonda Hamilton, Jay & Frankie Greer, David Vanderpool     Qty:
(ICOM18-11) » Lunch With Missionaries (Friday) - Roger Munchian, Kim Jackson, Grace Trump, Jeff Fife, Brian Berman     Qty:
(ICOM18-10) » Playing With House Money (Bible Study / Sunday) - Rob Maupin     Qty:
(ICOM18-09) » Pioneers Of The Spirit (Bible Study / Saturday) - Rob Maupin     Qty:
(ICOM18-08) » Courageous Surprise (Bible Study / Friday) - Rob Maupin     Qty:
(ICOM18-06) » Unhindered Movements - Josh Howard     Qty:
(ICOM18-07) » Highlights From History - Ziden Nutt     Qty:
(ICOM18-05) » Unhindered Faith - Jeff Vines     Qty:
(ICOM18-04) » Unhindered Presence - Nate Bush     Qty:
(ICOM18-01) » Unhindered Church - Denford Chizanga     Qty:
(ICOM18-02) » Unhindered Persecution - Ajai Lall     Qty:
(ICOM18-03) » Unhindered Task - Kevin Dooley     Qty:
(ICOM18-78) » Staying Physically Healthy on the Mission Field - Douglas Collins     Qty:
(ICOM18-79) » Meanwhile, What Is God Doing? - Wendy Fitzgerald     Qty:
(ICOM18-80) » The University Campus: the MOST Strategic Mission Field - Barry Reed     Qty:
(ICOM18-81) » An Elder's Key Relationships - Jim Estep, Gary Johnson, David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM18-82) » How to Engage Your Congregation in Prayer - Jonathan Graf     Qty:
(ICOM18-83) » What About the Other 90%? - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-84) » Share the Love of Jesus Through the Gift of Reading - Melina Gallo     Qty:
(ICOM18-85) » Developing Effective Missionary Care Teams - Neal Pirolo     Qty:
(ICOM18-86) » Conversational Coaching - Michael Van Dyk     Qty:
(ICOM18-88) » Real-Life Stories - Eric Derry, Doug Lucas, and Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-90) » How to Share the Gospel with Muslims, Part 1 - Fouad Masri     Qty:
(ICOM18-91) » Child Abuse and Safety in the Church - Robin Blair and Aryn Crawford     Qty:
(ICOM18-92) » When Being the Missional People of God is More than Just Words - Nik and Ruth Ripken     Qty:
(ICOM18-93) » Road Tripping with International Students - Bob Milliken     Qty:
(ICOM18-94) » Missing: The Strategic Roles Bible Translators Beg God to Send Them - Christi Phillips     Qty:
(ICOM18-95) » Unhindered Compassion - La compasi?n sin impedimento - Arely and Gloria Fuente     Qty:
(ICOM18-96) » Preparing Your Church's Short-Term Mission Team for Service: Designing and Implementing Pre-Field Training - Kathy Mort     Qty:
(ICOM18-97) » Reaching Oral Peoples - Micah Foreman, Kent Keifer, Susie Brown     Qty:
(ICOM18-98) » Buddhism Basics - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM18-99) » Reaching the Unreached with Clean Water - Matt MacLean     Qty:
(ICOM18-100) » Do Not Be Afraid - Overcoming the Fears That Hold Us Back - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-101) » Evangelism in a Post-Everything Society - Jared Looney     Qty:
(ICOM18-102) » Momentum: Getting Everyday People Out of the Pews - Facilitated by Becca Patton and Mark Whited     Qty:
(ICOM18-103) » Going Deeper with God through Acts of Humility - Mike Luzzader     Qty:
(ICOM18-104) » Leveraging Local Business to Impact Unreached People Groups - Anonymous     Qty:
(ICOM18-105) » The Calling Journey - Dean Trune & Michael Van Dyk     Qty:
(ICOM18-107) » Meanwhile, What Is God Doing? - Wendy Fitzgerald     Qty:
(ICOM18-108) » Foreign Missions Across the Street: How Returning Overseas Missionaries can Continue their Work on America?s University Campuses - David Sowers and Dennis Messimer     Qty:
(ICOM18-109) » Created to Pray - Kim Butts     Qty:
(ICOM18-110) » How to Think About What We Do and Why We Do It - Sergio Rizo and David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-112) » Missionary Debriefing: Caring for the Whole Person - Peter Buckland     Qty:
(ICOM18-113) » Bridging Cultures for Christ - Tom and Sandie Kilian     Qty:
(ICOM18-115) » Why Multiplication - Curtis Sergeant     Qty:
(ICOM18-116) » Breaking the Broken - Rob Kendall     Qty:
(ICOM18-117) » Unhindered Generosity - Larrie Fraley     Qty:
(ICOM18-118) » How to Share the Gospel with Muslims, Part 2 - Fouad Masri     Qty:
(ICOM18-122) » A Poverty of Significance: Positive Spiritual and Emotional Preparation for STMs - Donovan Weber     Qty:
(ICOM18-124) » Unhindered Preparation - La preparaci?n sin impedimento - Patrick Mahoney     Qty:
(ICOM18-126) » Building Bridges to Oral Cultures - Micah Foreman, Kent Keifer, Susie Brown     Qty:
(ICOM18-127) » The Least of These My Brothers: Welcoming Strangers Who are Neither Refugees nor International Students - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM18-128) » How Do We Raise Up the Next Generation of Missionaries? - Jesse Frame and Aaron Arnold     Qty:
(ICOM18-132) » Does It Matter Anyway - Finding Purpose and Significance through Service - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-133) » Millennials in Ministry - Kenny Woodhull     Qty:
(ICOM18-134) » Dealing with Fear in the Midst of Transition - John Caldwell     Qty:
(ICOM18-137) » Finding and Sharing Christ in the Post-Christian Context - Brett Seybold     Qty:
(ICOM18-138) » Sexual Addiction's Growing Threat to Believers - Tim Barber     Qty:
(ICOM18-139) » Biblical Answers to Real Life Struggles - Meredith Kendall     Qty:
(ICOM18-140) » Where the Gospel Meets Social Justice - Jesse Eubanks     Qty:
(ICOM18-142) » Praying the Word of God - Kim Butts     Qty:
(ICOM18-143) » The President's Weekend - A Major Gift Fundraising Strategy - Rich Sheeley and David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-144) » The ABC's of Using a Teaching Degree Cross-Culturally - Rebecca Pruett     Qty:
(ICOM18-145) » Social Justice + Missionary Care - Peter Buckland     Qty:
(ICOM18-146) » Coaching Character - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM18-147) » Cross Cultural Church Planting ? Here, Near, and Far - Jeff Metzger     Qty:
(ICOM18-148) » The Breakthrough - Terry and Amy Ruff     Qty:
(ICOM18-149) » You don?t have to be a Bible major to do big things in the Kingdom of God! Helping American students discern their calling in the Kingdom of God - Greg Harris, Oscar Aguirre, Fenton Lewis     Qty:
(ICOM18-150) » Why Muslims Are Becoming Christians - Fouad Masri     Qty:
(ICOM18-151) » The Exploitation and Trafficking of Haiti's Children - Heather Nozea     Qty:
(ICOM18-153) » The Five Responses to Evil - Nik and Ruth Ripken     Qty:
(ICOM18-154) » The RISE Project - Grant Recipients Tell Their Story of Reaching International Students - Greg Swinney     Qty:
(ICOM18-155) » How to Reach Hindus for Christ - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM18-156) » Unhindered Supporting Churches - La iglesia que apoya sin impedimento - David Linn     Qty:
(ICOM18-157) » Introductions to the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions - Jenny Collins     Qty:
(ICOM18-158) » What is CHE - Community Health Evangelism? - Tasha Campbell     Qty:
(ICOM18-162) » Life at the Crossroads - Discerning God's Next Step For You - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM18-163) » Where the Gospel Meets Racial Reconciliation - Jesse Eubanks     Qty:
(ICOM18-164) » Going Deeper with God by Listening - Kristin Weinzapfel     Qty:
(ICOM18-165) » How the Coffee Business is Helping Christian Entrepreneurs Reach Unreached People in Asia - David Dale     Qty:
(ICOM18-166) » Coaching a Legacy - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM18-167) » MK's in Transition - Mark and Joy Hoff, Stephanie Kuney     Qty:
(ICOM18-168) » Reaching Out to Buddhists Today - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM18-169) » Being Missionaries on Campus: Sharing the Gospel With Those of Different Worldviews, Especially Reaching Out to the ?Nones? - Lowell Kosak and Tyler Richter     Qty:
(ICOM18-170) » The Spiritual Life and Biblical Job Description of an Elder - David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM18-171) » The Power of Intimacy in Prayer - David Butts     Qty:
(ICOM18-172) » The Anatomy of a Successful Development Strategy: 7 Essential Elements You Can Understand and Implement - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM18-173) » Mobilizing Your Church to Establish a Culture of Care - Dave and Lorene Wilson     Qty:
(ICOM18-174) » The Sky's Not the Limit: Ministry Opportunities in Mission Aviation - Mike Mower     Qty:
(ICOM18-176) » Unhinder the Disabled Church - Ryan Wolfe     Qty:
(ICOM18-178) » When Being the Missional People of God is More than Just Words - Nik and Ruth Ripken     Qty:
(ICOM18-179) » So You Want to Go to Jail? - Shawn and Lynn Springer     Qty:
(ICOM18-180) » Unhindered Evangelism - El evangelismo sin impedimento - Rafael Tirado     Qty:
(ICOM18-183) » The Culture of Heaven and the Cultures of Earth: How Ethnocentrism Keeps Churches from Seeking God's Kingdom - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM18-184) » How Do We Help Youth Live Out Their Faith in Ways that Transform Their World? - Jesse Frame and Aaron Arnold     Qty:
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(ICOM18-177) » Trauma Survivors in Our Midst: Walking Alongside our Fellow Church and Community Members - Robin Blair     Qty:
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