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OCC Preaching - Teaching Convention
Recorded: 2/18/19 in Joplin MO
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(PT19-01) » Celebrate Salvation - Caleb Kaltenbach     Qty:
(PT19-02) » Be Holy - Brad Tate     Qty:
(PT19-03) » Remember Your Identity - Shan Moyers     Qty:
(PT19-04) » Practice Submission - Ashley Wooldridge     Qty:
(PT19-05) » Suffer Well - Daryl Reed     Qty:
(PT19-06) » Shepherd the Flock - Nathan Rector     Qty:
(PT19-07) » Resist the Enemy - Mark Scott     Qty:
(PT19-08) » Crave His Word - Jeff Walling     Qty:
(PT19-09) » Keep Your Witness - Jeff Walling     Qty:
(PT19-10) » - President's Banquet     Qty:
(PT19-11) » Changing Church Culture - Jim Powell     Qty:
(PT19-12) » Building A Connections Ministry That Works - Mario Gonzalez     Qty:
(PT19-13) » Between Two Trees: Our Transformation From Death to Life - Shane J. Wood     Qty:
(PT19-14) » Church Planting In The 21st Century - Troy McMahon     Qty:
(PT19-16) » Creative Generosity: How to Bless Yourself, Your Family, And the Ministries You Love - David Duncan     Qty:
(PT19-18) » Embracing the Ministry Of Fundraising - Sergio Rizo     Qty:
(PT19-19) » Outlast-Leading & Loving It - Brandi Wilson     Qty:
(PT19-20) » Discipling Grandchildren - Gary Cornwell     Qty:
(PT19-21) » Best Practice (Part 1) Nexus: Church Planting Leadership - Phil Claycomb & Greg Garcia     Qty:
(PT19-22) » Leading Churches And Families In A Techy World - Brian Jennings & Chris Autrey     Qty:
(PT19-23) » Setting The Captives Free (Part 1) - Dr. Chuck Terrill     Qty:
(PT19-24) » Lessons I Have Learned About Leading From Coaching And Preaching - Ken Idleman     Qty:
(PT19-25) » Reaching The Next Generation - Toney Salva     Qty:
(PT19-26) » Leading Dynamic Change?Without Being Let Go! - Jeff Walling     Qty:
(PT19-27) » How to Preach & Teach Empathetically On Difficult Cultural Issues - Caleb Kaltenbach     Qty:
(PT19-29) » Every Thought Captive Podcast Live - Michael DeFazio, Chad Ragsdale, and Doug Welch     Qty:
(PT19-30) » Foundational Principles For Discipleship - Jim Powell     Qty:
(PT19-31) » Entermission - Dave Empson & Chris Irwin     Qty:
(PT19-32) » Mobilizing The Church To Be In Small Groups And Serve Through Small Groups - Mario Gonzalez     Qty:
(PT19-33) » How Leadership Residencies Are Impacting the Local Church For the Future - Troy McMahon     Qty:
(PT19-34) » More From Less - Nathan Elson     Qty:
(PT19-36) » Simplifying Wills, Trusts, And Probate - Doug Miller     Qty:
(PT19-37) » Loved By Many, Known By Few - Leading & Loving It - Steph Thomason     Qty:
(PT19-38) » Best Practice (Part 2) Nexus: Church Planting Leadership - Phil Claycomb & Greg Garcia     Qty:
(PT19-39) » Walking Through Cultural Minefields - Brian Jennings     Qty:
(PT19-40) » Hymn Sing - Tammy Nelson     Qty:
(PT19-41) » Setting The Captives Free (Part 2) - Dr. Chuck Terrill     Qty:
(PT19-42) » The Importance of Church Culture - Jim Powell     Qty:
(PT19-43) » Small Church Discipleship - Blade Dildine     Qty:
(PT19-44) » Small Church Leadership Dynamics - Phil Claycomb / Rob Brust     Qty:
(PT19-45) » Small Church Leadership Development - Rowlie Hutton     Qty:
(PT19-46) » Small Church in the Suburban Context - Nathan Rector     Qty:
(PT19-47) » Small Church in the Rural Context & Q&A with Panel - Jake Zauche     Qty:
(PT19-48) » Celebrating the Small Church - Jeff Walling     Qty:
(PT19-49) » Leading & Loving It (Part 1 of 4) - Brandi Wilson     Qty:
(PT19-50) » Leading & Loving It (Part 2 of 4) - Lori Wilhite     Qty:
(PT19-51) » Leading & Loving It (Part 3 of 4) - Brandi Wilson     Qty:
(PT19-52) » Leading & Loving It (Part 4 of 4) - Lori Wilhite     Qty:
(PT19-53) » Childrens Ministry Training (Part 1 of 4) - Annette Safstrom     Qty:
(PT19-54) » Childrens Ministry Training (Part 2 of 4) - Annette Safstrom     Qty:
(PT19-55) » Childrens Ministry Training (Part 3 of 4) - Annette Safstrom     Qty:
(PT19-56) » Childrens Ministry Training (Part 4 of 4) - Annette Safstrom     Qty:
(PT19-CD Set) » - Complete Set of CDs (Does NOT Include the Pre-Convention)     Qty:
(PT19-CD Set Plus) » - Complete Set of CDS (Does Include the Pre-Convention)     Qty:
(PT19-DVD Set) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop CDs (Does Not Include Pre-Convention Sessions)     Qty:
(PT19-DVD Set Plus) » - Complete Set of DVDs with Workshop CDs (Does Include Pre-Convention Sessions)     Qty:
(PT19-MP3 Set) » - All the sessions on a flash drive (PM3 format)     Qty:
(PT19-MP3/DVD Set) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop MP3s on a flash drive     Qty:
(PT19-MP3/MP4 Set) » - Main Sessions MP4 Downloads with Workshop MP3s on a flashdrive     Qty:
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