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CCL Summit
Recorded: 3/9/19 in Mason OH
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(CCL19-01) » Embrace Our Mission - Bob Russell     Qty:
(CCL19-02) » Mission and Money - Barry Cameron     Qty:
(CCL19-03) » Understanding the Great Commission - Mark Moore     Qty:
(CCL19-04) » Motivation For the Great Commission: Judgment Day-Heaven and Hell - Johnny Pressley     Qty:
(CCL19-05) » Finish Strong - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(CCL19-06) » Apologetic Evangelism: Can I Trust the Bible - Mark Moore     Qty:
(CCL19-07) » Apologetic Evangelism: Defending the Bodily Resurrection - Mark Moore     Qty:
(CCL19-08) » Hell: What it is and Why It Matters - Johnny Pressley     Qty:
(CCL19-09) » Growing Faith by Giving Room for Doubt - Rich Knopp     Qty:
(CCL19-10) » Operation Timothy - Tyler McKenzie     Qty:
(CCL19-11) » Church Planting and Satellite Sites - Jerry Harris     Qty:
(CCL19-12) » Revitalize: The Urban Church - Michael Bowling     Qty:
(CCL19-13) » Reposition: Five Shifts that Produce Church Health - Shawn McMullen     Qty:
(CCL19-15) » Evangelism in the Workplace - Chuck Proudfit     Qty:
(CCL19-16) » The Power of Mentoring-It's An Inside Job - Alan Ahlgrim     Qty:
(CCL19-17) » Navigating the Health Insurance Maze - McPherson/Davis     Qty:
(CCL19-18) » Creative Financing to Get Your Church To the Next Step - Doug Crozier     Qty:
(CCL19-20) » A New Paradigm in Modern Missions-International Students - Grew Swinney     Qty:
(CCL19-22) » The Diaspora & The Nations Among Us - Kevin Dooley     Qty:
(CCL19-23) » Reaching Unreached People Groups - Doug Lucas     Qty:
(CCL19-24) » Understanding the Latter-Day Saints and Witnessing to a Mormon - Jeff Metzger     Qty:
(CCL19-25) » Mobilizing the Church to Embrace Missions and Increase Giving - John Caldwell     Qty:
(CCL19-26) » The Role of ICOM in Global Missions Within the Christian Church - David Empson     Qty:
(CCL19-27) » Clean Heart & New Mind Purity Path: Conquering Sex Addiction - Rick McQuistion     Qty:
(CCL19-28) » Proven Ways to Reach Non-Practicing Catholics - David Vaughan     Qty:
(CCL19-29) » The 7 Most Critical Practices for Effective Church Elders - David Roadcup     Qty:
(CCL19-30) » Heaven: What it is and Why It Matters - Johnny Pressley     Qty:
(CCL19-31) » How To Effectively Lead A Multi-Generational Church Staff - Sarah Robbins     Qty:
(CCL19-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(CCL19-DVD/CD Set) » - 1-7 on DVD With 8-31 on CD     Qty:
(CCL19-DVD/MP3 Set) » - 1-7 on DVD With 8-31 MP3 downloads     Qty:
(CCL19-flash) » - All Sessions On A Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(CCL19-MP4/MP3 Set) » - 1-7 MP4 downloads With 8-31 MP3 downloads     Qty:
(CCL19-MP4/CD Set) » - 1-7 MP4 downloads With 8-31 on CD     Qty:
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