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Recorded: 5/2/19 in Ridgecrest NC
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(CMDA19-01) » What is our Salvation for? Bringing Restoration into Our Current Cultural Moment - John Stonestreet     Qty:
(CMDA19-02) » Three Dangerous Prayers: Lord, I Want to be Great in Your Kingdom - Rev. Stan Key     Qty:
(CMDA19-03) » Three Dangerous Prayers: Not My Will but Yours Be Done - Rev. Stan Key     Qty:
(CMDA19-04) » Three Dangerous Prayers: Give Me Children, Or I Die - Rev. Stan Key     Qty:
(CMDA19-05) » Leveraging Generosity: Strategies, Tools and Trends to Maximize Charitable Impact - Brandon Davis     Qty:
(CMDA19-06) » Group Dynamics, Human Nature & Medical Decision: Tales of Strange Smoke, Admiral's Eye & Unmistakable Lines - Burton Lee, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-07) » The Road to Well-being: Describing the Destination - Steve Sartori, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-08) » The Joy of Aging Well in Retirement - Hal Habecker, Dmin     Qty:
(CMDA19-09) » Omega Fatty Acids: Revisiting our Chair-side Recommendation - Kevin Harris, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-10) » Being an Everyday Missionary: Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Care, Part 1 - Walt Larimore, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-11) » The Road to Well-being: Designing a Personal Map - Stan Haegert, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-12) » Corneal Collagen Crosslinking for the Treatment of Keratoconus - Lon EuDaly, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-13) » Being an Everyday Missionary: Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Care, Part 2 - Walt Larimore, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-14) » The Road to Well-being: Navigating Change and Transition" - Ann Tsen, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-15) » The Refractive Surgery Cataract Patient: Psychology and Technical Challenges - Lon EuDaly, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-16) » Bringing Transparency to the Treatment of Transgender Persons - Quentin Van Meter, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-17) » Ethics, Human Nature & Evidence Based Medicine - Burton Lee, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-18) » What is a Truly "Successful" Dental Practice - Peter Dawson, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA19-19) » The ABCD's of Raising Happy, Healthy Children and Teens - Walt Larimore, MD and Barb Larimore     Qty:
(CMDA19-20) » Recent Changes in Ophthalmic Lenses: Specialty Tints and Progressives - Clifford Brooks, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-21) » Starbucks, Quantum Physics and Christian Love: Searching for Joy Practicing Today's Medicine - Tom Okamoto, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-22) » Marijuana: An Honest Look at the World's Most Misunderstood Weed - James Avery, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-23) » Pursuing Excellence in Dentistry Without Sacrificing Your Faith - William Bruce, DMD     Qty:
(CMDA19-24) » Conflict Resolution - Robert Puleo, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA19-25) » Update on Convergence Insufficiency - Kelly Frantz, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-27) » Ethics Track Panel Discussion: Cases and Questions - C. Christopher Hook, MD and Quentin Van Meter, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-28) » Science, Faith and Healthcare: Unapologetic Apologetics for the Christian Caregiver - William Griffin, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA19-29) » Motivating, Educating and Equipping the Next Generation of Servant Leaders in Dentistry - Jeff Amstutz, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA19-30) » What Part of "No" Do You Not Understand - Grat Correll, MD     Qty:
(CMDA19-31) » Binocular Vision Case Management Using Prism - Kelly Frantz, OD     Qty:
(CMDA19-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(CMDA19-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions On A Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(CAT19-01) » - Everything available by C. A. Tapes for 2019 on MP3 and MP4 format (Over 700 sessions)     Qty:
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