International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference

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International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
Recorded: 10/6/19 in Chicago IL
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(ICSC19-A) » Monday Opening Plenary Session - Most Reverend Paul Coakley, S.T.L., D.D.     Qty:
(ICSC19-B) » Tuesday Gala Dinner - Carolyn Woo, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC19-C) » Wednesday Closing Plenary Session - Thomas Jones, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC19-01) » Stewardship: A Life-Giving Spirituality - Reverend Joe Creedon     Qty:
(ICSC19-02) » The Impact Revolution: A Call for New Ideas in the Church - Jason Shanks     Qty:
(ICSC19-03) » Stewardship Through the Lens of Evangelization and Disciple-making - Tony Brandt, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC19-04) » Elevating Your Human Resource Skills - Deacon Bob Beehner     Qty:
(ICSC19-05) » La Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad en el Siglo 21 - Reverend Monsignor Carlos Quintana Puente     Qty:
(ICSC19-06) » Is Christ the Center of Your Mission?: A Spirituality of Diocesan and Foundation - Cory Howat     Qty:
(ICSC19-07) » Lessons We Learned in Our First Capital Campaign - Most Reverend Paul Coakley, S.T.L., D.D., Peter de Keratry, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-08) » Picture Your Legacy: How to Get Donors to Engage in the Planned Giving Conversation - Ren?e Underwood, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-09) » The Spirituality of Stewardship: The Heart of Catholic School Development - Mary Ann Otto     Qty:
(ICSC19-10) » So Much More Than Money: The Impact of an Effective Feasibility Study - Steve Michalek     Qty:
(ICSC19-11) » In All Seasons: The Liturgical Year as Stewardship Formation Framework - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC19-12) » Good Parish Stewardship Starts in the Rectory - Chuck E. Zech, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC19-13) » Holy Collaboration: Growing a Stewardship Parish from the Ground Up - Reverend Drew Wood, Pennie DeGroot, Sharon Ehrenkranz, Tony Oltremari     Qty:
(ICSC19-14) » Church Management: A "Piece of Cake" or a "Pie in the Face?" - Helena Frazier     Qty:
(ICSC19-15) » La Corresponsabilidad y la Iglesia Hispana - Armando Cervantes     Qty:
(ICSC19-16) » Stewardship and Development in "Mission" Dioceses - Kathryn Eardley, Bill Fehrman, Madeleine Marchaterre     Qty:
(ICSC19-17) » Keeping Donors Front and Center During Crises - Ivan Arocho, Koren, Ruiz, Elizabeth Zeigler     Qty:
(ICSC19-18) » Protecting Your Foundation and Its Assets - Phillip Kunkel     Qty:
(ICSC19-19) » Strategies for Increasing Your Enrollment - James S. Friend, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC19-20) » Benefits of a Capital Campaign, Beyond the Dollars Raised - Matt Vuorela     Qty:
(ICSC19-21) » Missionary Families: How Stewardship Helps Busy Families Evangelize - Kathleen Niebrugge, Brian Niebrugge     Qty:
(ICSC19-22) » Introducing the Stewardship of Treasure to Your Parish Community - Mila Glodava     Qty:
(ICSC19-23) » Millennials in the Apostolic Age - Heidi D. Radabaugh     Qty:
(ICSC19-24) » Becoming a More Vibrant Parish Through Strategic Planning - Dan Ebener, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC19-25) » Llevando la Corresponsabilidad a la Gente, Parroquia por Parroquia - Hiram Diaz Belardo     Qty:
(ICSC19-26) » How Diocesan Development and Finance Directors Can Better Collaborate for the Glory of God - John Mark Willcox     Qty:
(ICSC19-27) » Fundraising in Times of Adversity - Sister Mary Brigid Callan, Monica Herman, Kim Roche     Qty:
(ICSC19-28) » Catholic Foundations Supporting Parishes and Schools in Planned Giving Efforts - Suzanne Nunn     Qty:
(ICSC19-29) » The Annual Appeal-Moving it to the Next Level - Mary J. Foley     Qty:
(ICSC19-30) » How to Properly Prepare for Your Next Church Capital Campaign - Michael Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC19-31) » Stewardship and the Annunciation: A Look at Annunciations in Our Own Lives - Teresa Keogh     Qty:
(ICSC19-32) » Engaging the Community Beyond Sunday - Paul Goldsworthy     Qty:
(ICSC19-33) » Move on Down the Road - How to Move your Parish from Maintenance to Mission - Barbara Vite     Qty:
(ICSC19-34) » Strengthening Parish Engagement through Nonprofit Leadership Practices - Ana-Cristina Gonzalez     Qty:
(ICSC19-35) » La Generosidad M?s All? de las Paredes de la Parroquia - Reverend Leo Perez, O.M.I., Marilyn Santos     Qty:
(ICSC19-36) » One-to-One Fundraising: Using Personalization to Improve Your Annual Appeals - Theresa Aide     Qty:
(ICSC19-37) » Building Endowments into Capital Campaigns - Kevin Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC19-38) » Leveraging Seminars and Professional Advisors to Obtain Planned Gifts - Kimberly Jetton, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-39) » Let the Circus Begin: How to prepare for a Capital Campaign So That You Can Save Time and Money - Andy Gaertner     Qty:
(ICSC19-40) » The Real Reason Catholics Don't Give Generously - Jordan Watwood     Qty:
(ICSC19-41) » Jesus on Money: 6 Lessons we have Learned - Reverend Michael White, Tom Corcoran     Qty:
(ICSC19-42) » Perspectives From the Pew: Consumer Expectations in Church Tech - Kent Woodyard     Qty:
(ICSC19-43) » Message More People - Mike DiCosola, Tommy Shultz     Qty:
(ICSC19-44) » The Liturgy of Light-Lighting for Churches and Cathedrals - Edwin Rambusch     Qty:
(ICSC19-45) » La Campa?a Annual Diocesana: ?xito en la Comunidad Hispana - Ana Juarez, Jessica Orzechowski     Qty:
(ICSC19-46) » Principles of Diocesan Annual Appeal Success - Jim Kelley     Qty:
(ICSC19-47) » Vision 2020: Designing Impactful Campaigns in the Context of National and Church Transformation - Reverend Monsignor Kevin Kostelnik, Peter Hoskow, Cory Howat, Shannon Roh     Qty:
(ICSC19-48) » Setting Endowment Goals to Generate Major Gifts - Donna Marino, Thomas Sonni     Qty:
(ICSC19-49) » Challenges to Donor Retention in School Development - Frank Glowaty     Qty:
(ICSC19-50) » Unleash the Power of your Database: Appeal Segmentation and Variable Messaging - Monica Herman, Steve Schons, CFRE, Tom Struthers     Qty:
(ICSC19-51) » The Spiritual and Practical Approach to Promote Stewardship as a Way of Life - Reverend John J. Piderit, SJ, Florian Romero     Qty:
(ICSC19-52) » Generosity Beyond Parish Walls - Marie Ferman, Nicole Germain     Qty:
(ICSC19-53) » Stepping into Stewardship One Disciple at a Time - Schuyler Kleinpeter     Qty:
(ICSC19-54) » eGiving is Good Stewardship! - Mike Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC19-55) » Pr?cticas en la Promoci?n de la Corresponsabilidad Parroquial - Miguel Mireles     Qty:
(ICSC19-56) » Catholic Stewardship in a Digital World - Nic Prenger     Qty:
(ICSC19-57) » Master Class: Advanced Major Gift Fundraising - Part 1 of 3 - Guy Mallabone, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-58) » How to Create an Investment Policy Statement for Screening - Samuel Saladino     Qty:
(ICSC19-59) » An Introduction to Do-It-Yourself or Peer-to-Peer Fundraising! - John Linton     Qty:
(ICSC19-60) » Using Technology to Advance Your Appeal or Campaign - Bridget Daly     Qty:
(ICSC19-61) » Leading with Courage: How to Steward Your Gifts Without Holding Them Hostage - Jonathan Baca     Qty:
(ICSC19-62) » Stewardship of Self: How We Can Become Better Stewards of Our Personal Lives - Andrea Pannell     Qty:
(ICSC19-63) » Monkey Brains and Wedding Speeches: Why Small is Beautiful in Communications - Ryan Kreager     Qty:
(ICSC19-64) » Want to Know How to Convert First-Time Givers into Generous Givers? - Steve McSwain     Qty:
(ICSC19-65) » C?mo Conducir una Exitosa Campa?a Capital - Jose Pi?ones     Qty:
(ICSC19-66) » How to Cultivate the Gifts that Keep on Giving: Managing Sustaining Gifts - Kimberly Bruining     Qty:
(ICSC19-67) » Master Class: Advanced Major Gift Fundraising - Part 2 of 3 - Guy Mallabone, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-69) » The Art of Enrollment Management - Mary J. Foley     Qty:
(ICSC19-70) » Show Me the Money-Increasing Your Campaign Pledge Redemption - Jos? De Jes?s, Michael Goodwin     Qty:
(ICSC19-71) » Clergy-to-Clergy: A Panel of ICSC Pastors Discusses Stewardship in Their Parishes - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC19-72) » Engaging Millennial Givers - Jeff Bachelor, Ben Williams     Qty:
(ICSC19-73) » Data-Driven Stewardship: We Only Know What We Know - Tracy Earl Welliver     Qty:
(ICSC19-74) » Using Development Techniques to Deepen the Culture of Stewardship in Your Parish - David Kissell     Qty:
(ICSC19-75) » ?Hacia Donde Nos Dirigimos? Como el V Encuentro nos ayunda a planif?car nuestros - Joseph Citro     Qty:
(ICSC19-77) » Master Class: Advanced Major Gift Fundraising-Part 3 of 3 - Guy Mallabone, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC19-78) » Unraveling the Mystery of Donor Advised Funds - Dennis Gerber     Qty:
(ICSC19-79) » Using Data to Create Marketing Strategies for Students and Donors - Kathleen Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC19-CD Set) » - Complete Set of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC19-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
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