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National Conference On Christian Apologetics
Recorded: 10/11/19 in Charlotte NC
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(NCCA19-01) » Sex and Your Commanding Officer - Frank Turek     Qty:
(NCCA19-02) » Rethinking Apologetics for the 21st Century - Chip Ingram     Qty:
(NCCA19-03) » Updating the Resurrection Time-Line Argument - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(NCCA19-04) » Dialog: What Does it Mean to Say the Bible is Inerrant? - Richard Howe, Mike Licona     Qty:
(NCCA19-05) » How Did Job Speak Rightly About God? - Michael Brown     Qty:
(NCCA19-06) » Return of the God Hypothesis - Stephen Meyer     Qty:
(NCCA19-07) » Lightning Round Plenary Session - Jeff Myers, Alisa Childers, Hugh Ross, Richard Land     Qty:
(NCCA19-08) » Billy Graham Meets Thomas Aquinas: A Tribute to the Work of Dr. Norman Geisler - Stephen Cutchins, Richard Howe, Frank Turek, Richard Land     Qty:
(NCCA19-09) » The Ultimate Darts Player - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(NCCA19-10) » Progressive Christianity: A Biblical Response to a Growing Movement - Alisa Childers     Qty:
(NCCA19-11) » The Historicity of the Virgin Birth: Myth or Miracle? - Rob Bowman     Qty:
(NCCA19-12) » The Truth about Muhammad and Mecca - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(NCCA19-13) » Truth Shall Spring Forth From the Earth: Utilizing Archaeology in Christian Apologetics - Jeffrey Hudon     Qty:
(NCCA19-14) » When Science Conflicts with Christianity - Jeff Zweerink     Qty:
(NCCA19-15) » Contending Earnestly for the Faith in the Face of Pluralistic Postmodernism - Benjamen S. Long     Qty:
(NCCA19-16) » Equipped: Basic Training in Apologetics For Evangelism - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(NCCA19-17) » From Papyri to ipad: The Formation of the English Bible and Evaluation of the KJV - Thomas McCuddy     Qty:
(NCCA19-18) » The Challenges of Witnessing to Muslims - Don Deal     Qty:
(NCCA19-19) » The Truth is Euthanasia is Still Immoral - Michael West     Qty:
(NCCA19-20) » Consequences of Deserting the Titus 2 Charge - Donna Navey     Qty:
(NCCA19-21) » The Truth About Gender Neutrality - Kathryn Camp     Qty:
(NCCA19-22) » The Resurrection of Jesus from Dying and Rising Gods?: An Investigator Examines the Evidence - Ross Hickling     Qty:
(NCCA19-23) » What Your Church Needs More Than Apologetics (hint: it involves apologetics) - Matt Schmidt     Qty:
(NCCA19-24) » You Were Made for This! Sharing Reasons Why Christianity Makes the Most Sense of Reality - Tricia Scribner     Qty:
(NCCA19-25) » ?Qui?n eres tu para decir? - Bruno Molina     Qty:
(NCCA19-26) » What's Your First Domino? - Chip Ingram     Qty:
(NCCA19-27) » Human Beings 2.0 - A Christian Response to the Transhumanism Movement - Fazale Rana     Qty:
(NCCA19-28) » Why God Is Not a Moral Being and How It Relates to the Problem of Evil - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(NCCA19-29) » The New World of Apologetics - Questions and Answers with Dr. David Geisler & Don Deal - David Geisler, Don Deal     Qty:
(NCCA19-30) » Seizing THE Momen?.Vision for Community Impact - Mark Harris     Qty:
(NCCA19-31) » Is Christianity Compatible with Socialism? - Bernard Mauser     Qty:
(NCCA19-32) » Pillar and Support of the Truth - Ray Ciervo     Qty:
(NCCA19-33) » A Three-word Answer to the Problem of Evil - Steven Lewis     Qty:
(NCCA19-34) » Paganism Rising - Kristen Davis     Qty:
(NCCA19-35) » Christianity and Slavery - Harold Felder     Qty:
(NCCA19-36) » Explaining and Defending the Trinity - Thomas Baker     Qty:
(NCCA19-37) » Speaking the Truth in Hindus - Sibu Rajappan     Qty:
(NCCA19-38) » Apologetics for Tweens - Tom Griffin     Qty:
(NCCA19-39) » A Charitable Approach to the Age of the Earth Debate - Eric Gustafson     Qty:
(NCCA19-40) » Jesus is God in the Flesh! (the devil' is in the details) - Floyd Elmore     Qty:
(NCCA19-41) » Christian Exclusivism in a Pluralistic World - Scott Toenges     Qty:
(NCCA19-42) » Licencia para dudar - Chris Du Pond     Qty:
(NCCA19-43) » How the Church Has Driven Jews Away from Jesus - Michael Brown     Qty:
(NCCA19-44) » New Design Evidences - Habitable Zones - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(NCCA19-45) » The Biggest Climate Scandal You Haven't Heard About - And Why It Matters for Christian Apologetics - Jake Hebert     Qty:
(NCCA19-46) » The Good and The Just - A Clarifying Analysis - Timothy Brown     Qty:
(NCCA19-47) » The Error of Gay Christianity - Cameron Hodge     Qty:
(NCCA19-48) » Art, the Transcendentals and Transcendence - Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Human Art as Indicators of the Knowledge of God - Joel Paulus     Qty:
(NCCA19-49) » The Perfect Story - Brian Henson     Qty:
(NCCA19-50) » An Archeologist Looks at the Biblical Account of Uzziah - Jeffrey Hudon     Qty:
(NCCA19-51) » Defending Inerrancy - Does it Matter if the Bible Contains Errors? - Doug Potter     Qty:
(NCCA19-53) » Why Are There So Many Denominations? - Frank Turek     Qty:
(NCCA19-54) » Racism, Social Justice, and the Gospel - Richard Land     Qty:
(NCCA19-55) » Designed for Discovery - Fazale Rana     Qty:
(NCCA19-56) » Historical Jesus 101 - What Scholars Are Saying about Jesus and History - Rob Bowman     Qty:
(NCCA19-57) » How Theology Needs Philosophy - Richard Howe     Qty:
(NCCA19-58) » Conversaci?n con el Dr. Mike Licona ?Qu? significa decir que la Biblia es inerrante? - Mike Licona, Bruno Molina, Chris Du Pond, Jorge Gil     Qty:
(NCCA19-59) » How to Treat Emotional Doubt - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(NCCA19-60) » Darwin's Doubt - Stephen Meyer     Qty:
(NCCA19-61) » How to Reach Millennials and Gen Z with Biblical Truth - Jeff Myers     Qty:
(NCCA19-62) » Genesis and the Ice Age - Jake Hebert     Qty:
(NCCA19-63) » Does Ken Ham's Defense of Biblical Authority Lead to Biblical Skepticism? - Adam Tucker     Qty:
(NCCA19-64) » Conversaci?n con el Dr. Richard Howe ?Qu? significa decir que la Biblia es inerrante? - Richard Howe, Bruno Molina, Chris Du Pond, Jorge Gil     Qty:
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