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International Conference On Missions
Recorded: 11/14/19 in Kansas City MO
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(ICOM19-01) » Gospel-ing the City - Jay Greer     Qty:
(ICOM19-02) » Michael Bowling, Tim Maxson, Katy Lines, Russell Clum, William & Robin Butler, Linda Whitmer, Wendy Fitzgerald - God Moves     Qty:
(ICOM19-03) » Mind the Gap & Embrace the City - Jeff Fife     Qty:
(ICOM19-04) » Michael Bowling, Melinda Velasquez, Chris & Nicia Irwin, B Haley, Kaitlyn Gresham, Linda Whitmer, Nate Bush - God Moves     Qty:
(ICOM19-05) » God's Power - Dr. Kang Lee     Qty:
(ICOM19-06) » Get Rid of All Bitterness - Nick Dunn     Qty:
(ICOM19-07) » Urban Ministry Segments -     Qty:
(ICOM19-08) » Highlights From History - Ziden Nutt     Qty:
(ICOM19-09) » Travel Log: Minding the Cities in Acts: What the Stats Mean (Overview) - Mark Scott     Qty:
(ICOM19-10) » Travel Log: Minding the Cities in Acts: Major Cities in the Journeys (Acts 13-21) - Mark Scott     Qty:
(ICOM19-11) » Travel Log: Minding the Cities in Acts: What Hath Jerusalem in Common with Antioch-Two Churches-Two Stories - Mark Scott     Qty:
(ICOM19-12) » Lunch With Missionaries (Friday) - Micah Foreman, Michael & Kathryn Hays, Sam Wrisley, Sam & Brittany Gill, Daniel Irwin     Qty:
(ICOM19-13) » Lunch With Missionaries (Saturday) - Nicia Irwin, Tory & Kara Satter, Kathy Girton, Isaac Fife, Jacques Meiring, Sam Hartwell, Tamati Te Mana Williams     Qty:
(ICOM19-14) » Women Of Purpose - Katy Lines     Qty:
(ICOM19-15) » Biblical Literacy as a Tool For Disciple Making (Walker Lecture Breakfast) - Mark Moore     Qty:
(ICOM19-16) » Becoming a Post Modern Monk: Engaging Culture Beyond the Walls of the Church - Chris Irwin     Qty:
(ICOM19-17) » The Anatomy of a Successful Development Strategy - 7 Elements You Can Understand and Implement - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM19-18) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Networks (Family and Friends) - David Linn, Frank Schattner, Andy Smith     Qty:
(ICOM19-19) » Best Practices in Church-based Missionary Care - Lori Rogers and Brian Gibson     Qty:
(ICOM19-20) » The Sky's Not the Limit: Ministry Opportunities in Mission Aviation - Peter Bastke     Qty:
(ICOM19-21) » Great Success at The Great Commission (Part 1 of 4) - John Hendee     Qty:
(ICOM19-22) » Caring for Caregivers: Encouragement for Women Serving Aging Loved Ones - Kim Jackson     Qty:
(ICOM19-23) » Starting and International Student Outreach from Scratch - Greg Swinney & Panel of International Campus Ministers     Qty:
(ICOM19-24) » An Introduction into Hinduism - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM19-25) » Integrating Spiritual Work, Compassion Ministry and Social Action: Is it Possible? Is it Necessary? - Francy Ogle     Qty:
(ICOM19-26) » Kingdom Partnerships: Campus Ministries and the Local Church - Matthew Myer     Qty:
(ICOM19-27) » Church Planting Principles within the Faith Context - Kirk Blackwell     Qty:
(ICOM19-28) » A Roadmap for Building Better Christian Friendships - Jesse Eubanks     Qty:
(ICOM19-29) » Discovery Bible Storytelling & Disciple Making Movements - Micah Foreman     Qty:
(ICOM19-30) » Whatever Happened to Social Justice? - Debe Robbins Weiss     Qty:
(ICOM19-31) » Going Deeper with God through Intimate Times with Him - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM19-32) » Successful Careers to Missionaries in Two Years - India - Danny and Patty Freeman     Qty:
(ICOM19-33) » Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim - Saleem Massey     Qty:
(ICOM19-34) » Developing Leaders Through Coaching - Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM19-35) » Creating a Culture for Disciple Making in Your Home, Neighborhood and Ministry (Part 1 of 2) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM19-36) » Prayer, Revival, and World Evangelization - Dave Butts     Qty:
(ICOM19-37) » Survivors in our Midst - Robin Blair     Qty:
(ICOM19-39) » I?m called to live out my role in the Great Commission by mobilizing my church and community ? Now What? - JR Horn     Qty:
(ICOM19-40) » Embrace Your Weird Ministry Team (Discover Your God-Given Personality Patterns to Boost Communication, Commitment and Enthusiasm) - Tommy Lanham     Qty:
(ICOM19-41) » Overcoming Poverty in All Forms - Larrie Fraley, Gene Appel, Ashley Wooldridge, Arty VanGeloof, Led by Wallace and Mary Kamau     Qty:
(ICOM19-42) » Understanding and Leading Generation Z in Short-Term Missions - Dr. Jolene Erlacher     Qty:
(ICOM19-43) » Why the Gap? - Rob Shoaff     Qty:
(ICOM19-44) » Embracing the Beauty from Ashes in Your City: Becoming an Active Part in Christ's Story of Redemption - John Vernon     Qty:
(ICOM19-46) » The Devil Goes To Church - Dave Butts     Qty:
(ICOM19-47) » The Creative Generosity Workshop - How Non-Cash Assets Can Multiply Impact - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM19-48) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Prisons and Jails - Eric Derry and Chad Rehnberg     Qty:
(ICOM19-49) » Engaging the Church in "Minding the Gaps" of Care - Dave and Lorene Wilson     Qty:
(ICOM19-50) » The Elder and Self Leadership - The Key to Being an Effective Elder - Jim Estep, David Roadcup and Gary Johnson     Qty:
(ICOM19-51) » Great Success at The Great Commission (Part 2 of 4) - John Hendee     Qty:
(ICOM19-52) » Bearing His Image While Doing His Mission - Wendy Fitzgerald     Qty:
(ICOM19-53) » An Introduction to Buddhism - Leonard Thompson     Qty:
(ICOM19-54) » MomentumYes: Getting Everyday People Out of the Pews - Facilitated by Kristin Weinzapfel and Mark Whited     Qty:
(ICOM19-55) » From Youth Ministry, through Disaster Recovery, into Marketplace Ministry, for the Nations Presenter - Dan Mitchell     Qty:
(ICOM19-56) » Healthy Church Metrics - Kenn Oke     Qty:
(ICOM19-57) » A Leader's Life Purpose - Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM19-59) » The Kingdom in the City - Panel: Dr. Reuben Langat, Nathaniel Fittro, Nick Dunn     Qty:
(ICOM19-60) » Going Deeper with God by Living Out Jesus's Spiritual P.E.D. Initiative - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM19-61) » What's Going On in Tokyo? - Haruka Otsuka     Qty:
(ICOM19-62) » Reaching the Most Unreached People Group in the World: The Deaf - Mark Lowenstein     Qty:
(ICOM19-63) » How Clean Water + Discipleship Training Is Making Waves Among Unreached People Groups - Matt MacLean and Ron Jenkins     Qty:
(ICOM19-64) » Creating a Culture for Disciple Making in Your Home, Neighborhood and Ministry (Part 2 of 2) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM19-65) » Best Practices to Sustain a Thriving Prison Ministry - Roger Munchian     Qty:
(ICOM19-66) » The Electronic Exploitation of Children. The Societal Shift- a World Without Borders a Home Without Walls - Opal Singleton     Qty:
(ICOM19-67) » I?m called to live out my role in the Great Commission by full time missions ? Now What? - Nathan Davenport     Qty:
(ICOM19-68) » Grace Abounds All the More - Vince Antonucci     Qty:
(ICOM19-69) » The Culture of Heaven and the Cultures of Earth - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM19-70) » Winning Strategies for your Church?s Mission Trips - Lisa Horner & Heidi Figg     Qty:
(ICOM19-71) » Preparing for College? Advice to Save You and Your Family Thousands of Dollars - Rocky Christensen     Qty:
(ICOM19-72) » Everyone's Got One - Make Your Phone Fruitful on Short Term Mission Trips - Tom Khazoyan     Qty:
(ICOM19-73) » Preventing Gaps in a Missionary's Personal Foreign Crisis - Panelists: Betty Byrd, Jim and Joni Bliffen, and Kathy Girton     Qty:
(ICOM19-74) » Going Deeper with God by Tackling Spiritual Warfare - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM19-75) » Communication Foundations - They'll Increase Giving to Your Ministry - David Duncan and Nathan Elson     Qty:
(ICOM19-76) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Campuses (Middle, High, College) - John Glass, Liza Heidelberger, Kyle Jones, Rebecca Patton, Keller Stem, Kristin Weinzapfel     Qty:
(ICOM19-77) » Who's Who in Mind the Gaps of Missionary Care? - Panel: Donna Cole, James Litsey, Lorene Wilson     Qty:
(ICOM19-78) » Leveraging Literacy Education in Missions - Tedd Lodes     Qty:
(ICOM19-79) » Next Generation Elders - How to Recruit and Equip Future Leaders - Gary Johnson     Qty:
(ICOM19-80) » Creative and Practical Ideas for Loving Our {Older} Neighbors - Kim Jackson     Qty:
(ICOM19-81) » The Intersection of Business and Ministry - Hari Dallakoti     Qty:
(ICOM19-82) » Reverse Missions (Part 1 of 2) - Dave Jenkins     Qty:
(ICOM19-83) » Church Sucks! Why are Youth Abandoning Church and What Can We Do About it? - Dale Puckett & Jesse Frame     Qty:
(ICOM19-84) » Bridge the Gap: Helping Students' Faith Last Beyond High School - Tyler Richter, Cally Schulte, Kenan Klein, Ralph Shead     Qty:
(ICOM19-86) » Embracing the City in Israel - David Phillips     Qty:
(ICOM19-87) » Discovery Bible Storytelling: An Answer to the Rise of Islam? - Micah Foreman     Qty:
(ICOM19-88) » Talking About Jesus - Gabriel Brazle     Qty:
(ICOM19-89) » The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Warfare - Steve Hemphill     Qty:
(ICOM19-90) » Why Plant Churches on Sinful Streets for Cynical People - Vince Antonucci     Qty:
(ICOM19-91) » Can We Trust Gen. 1-11? Part One: The "Scientific" Method - Dr. Ben Williams     Qty:
(ICOM19-92) » Relational Discipleship and Programs - Jonathan Willmore     Qty:
(ICOM19-93) » Englewood: an Urban Church Story - Michael Bowling     Qty:
(ICOM19-94) » Best Practices in Providing Aftercare for Underage Survivors of Trafficking and Exploitation - Panel of field staff from Streetlight, Rapha House and Blackbox     Qty:
(ICOM19-95) » I?m called to live out my role in the Great Commission by marketplace impact ? Now What? - Fenton Lewis     Qty:
(ICOM19-96) » The Calling Journey - Michael VanDyk & Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM19-97) » D.eliberate E.vangelism A.dvancing the F.aith - Steven & Vonda Hamilton     Qty:
(ICOM19-98) » Debriefing for Churches: Getting the Most out of Your Short Term Missions Investment - Don Johnson     Qty:
(ICOM19-99) » Walking the Tightrope; The Distinctive Role of Women in Missions - Linda Whitmer     Qty:
(ICOM19-100) » Your Phone, God's Glory - Top Reasons You Should Use Mobile Phones in Your Mission - Tom Khazoyan     Qty:
(ICOM19-101) » Moving People from Needs Praying to Kingdom Praying - Jonathan Graf     Qty:
(ICOM19-102) » Strategic Alignment - Close the Gap between Vision and Execution to Increase Donor Confidence and Investment - David Duncan and Ted Vaughn     Qty:
(ICOM19-103) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Churches and Organizations - Doug Lucas     Qty:
(ICOM19-104) » Minding the Gaps in Sending Missionaries - Panel: Donna Cole, Larry McCrary and Greg Pirolo     Qty:
(ICOM19-105) » So You Want to Fly? What is Mission Aviation? - Peter Bastke     Qty:
(ICOM19-106) » Great Success at The Great Commission (Part 3 of 4) - John Hendee     Qty:
(ICOM19-107) » Helping Her Invest in Others - Wendy Fitzgerald and Rebee Leeman     Qty:
(ICOM19-108) » Exploring Preventative and Empowering Approaches to Urban Ministry - Kaitlyn Gresham     Qty:
(ICOM19-109) » Unwelcome and Unwanted: The Church's Attention of Youth and How We Can Change - Dale Puckett & Jesse Frame     Qty:
(ICOM19-110) » Where Marketplace Ministry Meets the Nations - Daman Schuber     Qty:
(ICOM19-111) » What Does the Bible say about Welcoming the Stranger? - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM19-112) » Neighborhood Transformation: Connecting People and Place - Garold Elston     Qty:
(ICOM19-113) » Facing the Challenge of the Urban Frontier: History of the Restoration Movement in Urban Areas - Kendi Howells Douglas     Qty:
(ICOM19-114) » Going Deeper with God by Listening - Kristin Weinzapfel     Qty:
(ICOM19-115) » What's Going On In Hong Kong? - Benjamin Rees     Qty:
(ICOM19-116) » Support Roles that Fill in the Gap of Bible Translation - Christi Phillips     Qty:
(ICOM19-117) » Living Where You Serve - Dwight and Stephanie Young     Qty:
(ICOM19-118) » The 90% Who Never Go! - Neal Pirolo     Qty:
(ICOM19-119) » Haiti Orphanage and Trafficking Crisis - Heather Nozea     Qty:
(ICOM19-121) » Conversational Coaching - Michael VanDyk and Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM19-122) » Not Your Grandma's Member Care: Wisely Navigating the Use of Technology for Encouraging Workers on the Field - Sarah Hilkemann and Denise Beck     Qty:
(ICOM19-123) » Preparing a Team for Service: Designing and Implementing Training - Kathy Mort     Qty:
(ICOM19-124) » Healthy Marriages on the Mission Field Bridging the Gaps - Diana Lawrence     Qty:
(ICOM19-126) » The Tool We All Need to Make Disciples - Mike Schrage     Qty:
(ICOM19-127) » Fluff is for Pillows, Not Women's Ministry - Megan Rawlings     Qty:
(ICOM19-128) » Direct Mail - Do Fundraising Letters Still Work? - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM19-129) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Regions and Countries - David Dale, Terry and Amy Ruff     Qty:
(ICOM19-130) » Minding the Gaps in Sustaining Missionaries - Kyle and Carolyn Kixmiller     Qty:
(ICOM19-131) » The Prime Directive: How Elders can Prioritize Evangelism in the Church - Jim Estep     Qty:
(ICOM19-132) » Great Success at The Great Commission (Part 4 of 4) - John Hendee     Qty:
(ICOM19-133) » Going Deeper with God by Infusing Creativity into Your Prayer Life or Your Small Group - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM19-134) » What Can You Do with a University Degree on the Mission Field? - Corey Courtwright, Dan Crum, Lauren Trepanier     Qty:
(ICOM19-135) » Church Planting Action Plan (Strategy) - Mark Bruner     Qty:
(ICOM19-136) » A Trade School Approach to Discipleship for Young Adults - Chris Irwin and Danny Wright     Qty:
(ICOM19-137) » The Gospel and Loving our LGBTQ+ Neighbors - Russell Clum     Qty:
(ICOM19-138) » Keeping It Simple: Addressing the Complexity of Urban Places - Jared Looney     Qty:
(ICOM19-139) » The Growth of International Student Ministry Locally & Nationally - Panel of International Student Ministers     Qty:
(ICOM19-140) » Minding the Gap in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Jeff Fife (2019 ICOM President)     Qty:
(ICOM19-141) » Can We Trust Gen. 1-11? Part Two: If Gen 1-11 is Not Authentic, What do we do with the NT? - Dr. Ben Williams     Qty:
(ICOM19-142) » Bringing Engaging Prayer into the Worship Service - Jonathan Graf     Qty:
(ICOM19-143) » Mormonism: America's Unreached People Group? - Matthew Anderson     Qty:
(ICOM19-144) » Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Abuse and Protocols for Action - Robin Blair and Aryn Crawford     Qty:
(ICOM19-145) » Coaching to Improve Influence - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM19-146) » Where the Gospel Meets Social Justice - Jesse Eubanks     Qty:
(ICOM19-147) » Guidance to Better Support Orphans and Vulnerable Children on STM - Megan Pratt     Qty:
(ICOM19-149) » Filling the Gap on the Field During Missionary Furlough - Janeece England     Qty:
(ICOM19-150) » How to Create an Effective Missions Strategy - Brian Berman     Qty:
(ICOM19-151) » The Ministry of Fundraising - How to Think About What We Do and Why We Do It - David Duncan and Panel of Development Officers     Qty:
(ICOM19-152) » Real Life Stories: Saturating Planet Earth - Curtis Sergeant     Qty:
(ICOM19-153) » Minding the Gaps in Receiving Missionaries - Larry McCrary     Qty:
(ICOM19-154) » Elders as Disciplers - The Dynamic New Approach to Elders Formally Discipling the Church - David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM19-155) » Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Illegal Immigrants. Who are They? How Should we Respond to Them? - James Litsey     Qty:
(ICOM19-156) » The Praying Family - Kim Butts     Qty:
(ICOM19-157) » Young, Dumb, and Broke: Why the Church should Entrust Leadership to Youth Anyway - Dale Puckett and Jesse Frame     Qty:
(ICOM19-158) » What Local Profits can do Globally - Business for Mission - Joe Harris     Qty:
(ICOM19-159) » Millennials and Muslims - Russ (name shielded for protection)     Qty:
(ICOM19-160) » Reaching the Least through Tiny Homes and Unconventional Means - Curtis and Hany White     Qty:
(ICOM19-161) » Unlocking the Treasure Box of God's Word to Women through Oral Arts - Susie Brown     Qty:
(ICOM19-162) » The Future is Urban: Reframing the way we THINK Mission - Chris Marsden     Qty:
(ICOM19-163) » Going Deeper with God to Discover Details About Heaven - Steve Hemphill     Qty:
(ICOM19-164) » What's Going on in Italy and Albania? - Pino Neglia     Qty:
(ICOM19-165) » Wrapping Eternity in Words - How to Translate the Bible - Greg Pruett     Qty:
(ICOM19-166) » Experience StL: A Study on Inner City Poverty - Lucas Rouggly     Qty:
(ICOM19-167) » Sacred Startups: the Holy Spirit?s Entrepreneurial Work in Us - Greg Swinney     Qty:
(ICOM19-168) » Building Coalition to Combat Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Our Communities- Not in Our Backyard! - Maggie Schade, Karolyn Schrage, Sergeant Andy Blair, Aryn Crawford     Qty:
(ICOM19-169) » Coaching to Leave a Legacy - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM19-170) » Urban Missions in Ghana - Enoch Nyador     Qty:
(ICOM19-172) » Free Missionary Resources that Fill in the Gaps - Panel of: Claire and Tom Muller, Leah Schuch and Randy Jones     Qty:
(ICOM19-173) » Reverse Missions (Part 2 of 2) - Dave Jenkins     Qty:
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