Next Level Leadership Conference

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Next Level Leadership Conference
Recorded: 2/3/20 in Savannah GA
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(NL20-01) » Facing the Challenge of Change (Acts 1 & 2) - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL20-02) » Engaging Your World - Steve Poe     Qty:
(NL20-03) » Bold Faith - Steve Poe     Qty:
(NL20-04) » Panel - Cam Huxford, Matt Wilson, Shannon Lovelady     Qty:
(NL20-05) » Disarming a Limitation of the Leaders Heart (2 Corinthians 10:12; John 20&21) - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL20-06) » Behind the Scenes: Our Creative Culture - Ashley Nunz     Qty:
(NL20-07) » It's More Than Just Rocking Babies and Changing Diapers - Billy Whitaker     Qty:
(NL20-08) » Breaking Barriers - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL20-09) » Eldership and the Church - Harvey Bream     Qty:
(NL20-11) » Inspiring Wonder: The Power of Creating Moments - Bill Gross     Qty:
(NL20-12) » Parental Engagement in Student Ministry - Marcus Johnson     Qty:
(NL20-13) » Tracking Discipleship in a Growing Church - Mike Frazier & Greg Schuette     Qty:
(NL20-14) » How to Practice Remarkable Hospitality - Victoria Stewart     Qty:
(NL20-15) » Helping People Find Their Place in the Church - Greg Schuette     Qty:
(NL20-16) » Developing Content with a Story in Mind - Jacque Long     Qty:
(NL20-17) » What's that Smell? It's Middle School Ministry! - Jon Smith     Qty:
(NL20-18) » Way More Than Goldfish and Sippy Cups - Michele Leekley     Qty:
(NL20-19) » The Enneagram As a Discipleship Tool - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL20-20) » Keeping Your Church Safe and Functional - Nick Durkin & Sean Moyer     Qty:
(NL20-21) » Creating Ministry To Help the Hurting - Steve Angel     Qty:
(NL20-22) » Rooted - A Discipleship Tool - Steve Curran     Qty:
(NL20-23) » Idea to Execution: The Compassion Christian Creative Process - Ashley Nunz     Qty:
(NL20-24) » Minding the Gaps in Sustaining Missionaries - Carolyn Kixmiller     Qty:
(NL20-25) » Creating a Compelling Volunteer Culture - Greg Schuette     Qty:
(NL20-26) » Emotional Intelligence and Leadership - Harvey Bream     Qty:
(NL20-27) » Develop an Intentional Plan for Your Kids - John-Mark Romans     Qty:
(NL20-28) » Finding a Bridge Into Discipleship - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL20-29) » From Offering Plate to Audit, and Everything in Between - Sara Roth     Qty:
(NL20-30) » Creating Moments Through the Lens of a Technician - Tyler Carson     Qty:
(NL20-31) » Moments Matter: Redefining Your Worship Programming - Bill Gross     Qty:
(NL20-32) » Growing the Church Through Going to the People - Dave Stewart     Qty:
(NL20-33) » Developing Staff: Moving from Evaluation to Calibration - Debbie Mentzer     Qty:
(NL20-34) » Leading Through Hard Changes - Harvey Bream     Qty:
(NL20-35) » The Three Questions That Every High Schooler Asks - Marcus Johnson     Qty:
(NL20-36) » Serving Beyond Kids Sunday Funday - Melissa Cook     Qty:
(NL20-37) » Prayer?..At Home with God - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL20-38) » A Pathway to Leadership - Sarah Huxford     Qty:
(NL20-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(NL20-MP3 Set) » - All Sessions (MP3 format) Link will be emailed     Qty:
(NL20-DVD/CD) » - Main Session DVDs with Breakout CDs     Qty:
(NL20-DVD/MP3) » - Main Session DVDs with Breakout MP3s     Qty:
(NL20-MP4/CD) » - Main Session MP4s with Breakout CDs     Qty:
(NL20-MP4/MP3) » - Main Session MP4s with Breakout MP3s     Qty:
(NL20-CD/DVD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs with Main Session DVDs     Qty:
(NL20-CD/MP4 Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs with Main Session MP4s     Qty:
(CAT20-01) » - Everything available by C. A. Tapes for 2020 on MP3 & MP4 format (Over 700 Sessions) (Link will be emailed)     Qty:
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