International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference

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International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
Recorded: 10/2/22 in Anaheim CA
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(ICSC22-A) » Sunday Plenary Session - Most Reverand Gabriel Malzaire     Qty:
(ICSC22-B) » Monday Plenary Session - Rev. Mon. Kieran E. Harrington     Qty:
(ICSC22-C) » Tuesday Plenary Session / Go and Make Disciples: Evangelization Is Important to Our Life of Faith - Most Reverend Donald Hanchon     Qty:
(ICSC22-D) » Wednesday Closing Plenary Session - Most Reverend Oscar Cant?     Qty:
(ICSC22-01) » Introduction to the Spirituality of Stewardship: What the Bishops? Pastoral Letter is All About - Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone     Qty:
(ICSC22-02) » Stewardship Through and Through: How to Weave Stewardship into the Fabric of Parish Life for Lasting Impact - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC22-03) » Evangelization: The Only Way to Create Active Stewards - Tony Brandt, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC22-04) » First Things First: Knowing Your Parishioners and Customizing Your Approach - Robin Margraf     Qty:
(ICSC22-06) » Developing the Message of Christian Stewardship in our Diocesan Development Offices - Brian Niebrugge, Cory Howat     Qty:
(ICSC22-07) » Development and Finance: Working Together Successfully in a Diocesan Setting - David Zaleski, Tim Thomas     Qty:
(ICSC22-08) » Transforming Your Planned Giving Program from Top to Bottom - Jim Normandin     Qty:
(ICSC22-09) » Preparing Your School for a Capital Campaign - Johnny Day     Qty:
(ICSC22-10) » Do Not Give? A Closed-Door Conversation on Generosity - Trevor Gavin, Alexy Etheridge     Qty:
(ICSC22-11) » We Want to be a Stewardship Parish: Creating a Plan that will Keep You on Target - Jennifer Van Zandt     Qty:
(ICSC22-12) » For Clergy: How Stewardship Can Transform Your Parish - Reverend Christopher Smith     Qty:
(ICSC22-13) » Using Social Media to Engage and Evangelize Your Parishioners - Tommy Shultz     Qty:
(ICSC22-14) » From Christendom to Apostolic Mission? Equipping the Modern Apostles for Mission - Anthony Welch, Molly Matthews, Tom Martin     Qty:
(ICSC22-15) » Orando, Promoviendo y Participando: La Implementaci?n de una Campa?a de Capital Exitosa en una Comunidad Biling?e / Praying, Promoting and Participating: Implementing a Successful Capital Campaign in a Bilingual Community - Jos? De Jes?s     Qty:
(ICSC22-16) » A Better Way: 5 Strategies to Create and Share Diocesan Content with Parishes - Nic Prenger     Qty:
(ICSC22-17) » Gift Planning Culture: Addressing Endemic Fundraising Challenges by Focusing on Legacy and Noncash Asset Gifts That Benefit Your Parishioners - Thomas Kissane     Qty:
(ICSC22-18) » Why Development Directors Should Care about the Stewardship of Your Organization?s Investments - Sloan Smith     Qty:
(ICSC22-19) » Vitality and Advancement in the Catholic School Marketplace - Steve Michalek     Qty:
(ICSC22-21) » All Are Welcome! Cultivating a Spirit of Hospitality in our Parishes and Beyond - MaryAnne Russell     Qty:
(ICSC22-22) » Clergy - to - Clergy: A Panel of Pastors Discusses How Stewardship Can Transform a Parish - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC22-23) » Engaging Young Adults in the Life of the Parish - Armando Cervantes     Qty:
(ICSC22-24) » Helping Parishioners Understand Their Parish Giving Options - Valeria Vessels     Qty:
(ICSC22-26) » The Impact of Storytelling ? Showcasing the Results from the Diocese of Austin - Kate McConough Cominsky, Lisa Rosenberger Margaret Kappel     Qty:
(ICSC22-27) » Major Gift Research through a Stewardship Lens - Mary J. Foley     Qty:
(ICSC22-28) » Strengthening Parish Finances through Parish Endowment Funds and Gift Annuities - Mark Henry     Qty:
(ICSC22-29) » The 82% Are Waiting to be Invited: Here?s How to Do it - Liz Canney     Qty:
(ICSC22-30) » The Strategic Importance of Donor Retention - Darryl Moser     Qty:
(ICSC22-31) » Stewardship of Treasure: the Message, the Money and the Mission! - Steve Homiak     Qty:
(ICSC22-32) » Preaching Stewardship: How Effective Homilies Are Essential to the Stewardship Message - Reverend Stephen Jones     Qty:
(ICSC22-34) » Five Traits of a Good Steward of Human Resources - Brian Burgin     Qty:
(ICSC22-35) » Las Mujeres en la Iglesia: La Poderosa Influencia de las Madres al Dar / Women in the Church: The Powerful Influence of Mothers on Giving - Alma Benitez     Qty:
(ICSC22-36) » Database Tips for Stewardship and Development Offices - Margaret Trahan, Claudia Broman, Kathy Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC22-37) » Diocesan Annual Appeals: What We?re Still Learning in this Ever-Evolving Post-Pandemic Environment - Jeanne Combos, Jim Kelley, Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC22-38) » Building Parish Planned Giving Programs That Work - Gina Rhodes, Maggie Keenan     Qty:
(ICSC22-39) » Preparing for a 2023 Capital Campaign: Are You Ready? - Matt Vuorela     Qty:
(ICSC22-40) » All-in-One Catholic Organization Digital Fundraising, Donor Relationship Management, Fundraising Strategies and Best Practices to Thrive in a Forever Changed Fundraising World - Chris Fink     Qty:
(ICSC22-41) » Building Engagement through Small Christian Communities - Deacon Mark Murphy     Qty:
(ICSC22-42) » The Importance of Discipleship in Parish Renewal - Mike Cusick, Katie Herzing     Qty:
(ICSC22-43) » Building Stewardship in the Vietnamese Community: The Importance of Understanding the Culture - Reverend Bill Cao, Reverend Tuyen Nguyen     Qty:
(ICSC22-44) » What We are Still Learning About Re-Engaging Parishioners Post Pandemic: A Panel Discussion - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC22-45) » Vayan y Hagan Disc?pulos: La Evangelizaci?n es Importante para Nuestra Vida de Fe / Go and Make Disciples: Evangelization Is Important to Our Life of Faith - Reverend?simo Donald Hanchon     Qty:
(ICSC22-46) » The Artful Journey: A Master Class on Donor-Centered Philanthropy for Dioceses and Parishes ? Part I - Ray Watts     Qty:
(ICSC22-47) » Using Technology for Sustainable Fundraising - Bridget Daly     Qty:
(ICSC22-48) » Getting Your Message Out with Social Media - Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC22-49) » How to Cultivate and Solicit a $1,000,000 Gift to Your Parish Capital Campaign - Denis Greene     Qty:
(ICSC22-50) » The Generosity Crisis: The Case for Radical Connection at the Heart of Stewardship - James Friend, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC22-51) » Communicating Effectively with all Generations of Parishioners to Build Engagement - Katie Price     Qty:
(ICSC22-52) » Beyond Christendom: Challenging Findings from the ACST American Beliefs Study and Ideas for Helping Parishes Thrive - Terry Poplava     Qty:
(ICSC22-53) » 8 Ways to Build Parish Community - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC22-54) » The Church and the Financial Well-Being of Christians - Jan Engkasser     Qty:
(ICSC22-55) » Una Historia Parroquial: Reflexiones sobre la Corresponsabilidad en Parroquias Principalmente Hispanas / A Parish Story: Reflections on Stewardship in Primarily Hispanic Parishes - Reverend Ed Poettgen, Deacon Freddy Hernandez, Yaret Macedo, Enrique Soria     Qty:
(ICSC22-56) » The Artful Journey: A Master Class on Donor-Centered Philanthropy for Dioceses and Parishes ? Part II - Ray Watts     Qty:
(ICSC22-57) » Enhancing Major Gift Fundraising in a Catholic School Environment - Ben Hoke     Qty:
(ICSC22-58) » The State of Planned Giving in 2022 and How to Get More Members to Leave a Legacy within the Church - Abe Berryshimm     Qty:
(ICSC22-59) » Is There a ?New Normal? in Fundraising? - Kevin Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC22-61) » Best Practices to Help Parishes Promote Stewardship More Effectively - Dave Baranowski     Qty:
(ICSC22-62) » Practical Steps to Developing Stewardship in the Parish - Shari Navarre     Qty:
(ICSC22-63) » Creating a Culture of Witness in Your Parish - Reverend Tim Donovan     Qty:
(ICSC22-64) » Praying, Promoting and Participating: Implementing a Successful Capital Campaign in a Bilingual Community - Jos? De Jes?s     Qty:
(ICSC22-65) » La Importancia de la Inclusi?n de los J?venes y los Adultos J?venes y los Pasos para Atraerlos y Mantenerlos / Importance of Inclusion of Youth and Young Adults and Steps to Attract and Keep Them - Armando Cervantes     Qty:
(ICSC22-66) » Charting the Course: Annual Appeal Project Management - Theresa Aide     Qty:
(ICSC22-67) » Maximizing Your Annual Appeal?s Potential: ?Doing More with Less? - Rebecca Hancock     Qty:
(ICSC22-68) » Development is from Mars! Finance is from Venus! Integrating Development and Finance for Greater Stewardship - Heather LeVan, Brandon Sak     Qty:
(ICSC22-69) » Take Out the Guesswork: Using Data to Drive Your Appeal Strategy - John Cuneen     Qty:
(ICSC22-70) » Online Giving: ease of use and engagement - Group Discussion     Qty:
(ICSC22-71) » How Stewardship Committees Add Significant Value to a Parish?s Stewardship Efforts - Jim Kelley     Qty:
(ICSC22-72) » Carrying the Intentional Discipleship Torch Forward: How Young Families Can Engage Other Young Families to Participate More Fully in the Life of the Parish - Deacon Pat Derrington     Qty:
(ICSC22-73) » How Stewardship is about Putting the Eucharist into Action: A Primer for the Eucharistic Revival - Michael Murphy     Qty:
(ICSC22-75) » Mejores Pr?cticas para Hacer una Corresponsabilidad de Tesoro Impactante: Petici?n desde el P?lpito / Best Practices for Making an Impactful Stewardship of Session 76: Treasure Ask from the Pulpit - Julio Chavez     Qty:
(ICSC22-76) » Attracting Young Donors - Meeting Them on Their Terms: The Rise of Donate Now, Pay Later - Dave Marcacci     Qty:
(ICSC22-77) » How We Are Improving Parish Communications and Mass Participation - Jennifer Rodriguez     Qty:
(ICSC22-78) » Creating and Nurturing Associations for Women Committed to Philanthropy - Margaret Keightley     Qty:
(ICSC22-79) » Amen Generosity - Tom Sonni     Qty:
(ICSC22-80) » Mission Campaigns: How to Raise Capital-level Funding without Capital Projects - Chris Kuetemeyer     Qty:
(ICSC22-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC22-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
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