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Kiamichi Clinic
Recorded: 5/2/23 in Honobia OK
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(KC23-01) » Preach God's Word - Mike Baker     Qty:
(KC23-02) » God Gave Them Up - Jackie Miller     Qty:
(KC23-03) » What the Christian has but the World Doesn't - Dr. Mark Berrier     Qty:
(KC23-04) » Timeless Truths in a Changing Culture - Jim Book     Qty:
(KC23-05) » James Garfied (20th President of the US) - Paul Sisson     Qty:
(KC23-06) » Reasons For Passion to the Service of the Lord-Quit Lollygagging Around - David Bycroft     Qty:
(KC23-07) » For Such a Time As This - Dean Sharp     Qty:
(KC23-08) » Boots on the Ground - Dean Sharp     Qty:
(KC23-09) » Should Christians be Submissive to a Tyrant Government? - Dan Fisher     Qty:
(KC23-10) » God With Us-Matthew 1:23 - Dr. Cecil Todd     Qty:
(KC23-11) » Bring Back the Black Robe Regiment - Dan Fisher     Qty:
(KC23-12) » Believe - Sam Ray     Qty:
(KC23-13) » The True Fruit - Luis Antonio Escobedo     Qty:
(KC23-14) » Christ's Church Bangladesh-A Journey of Joy - Don Todd     Qty:
(KC23-15) » Faith That Makes Jesus Marvel - Dr. Mark Scott     Qty:
(KC23-16) » Just Do It - Larry West     Qty:
(KC23-17) » Preach Jesus - Aaron Davis     Qty:
(KC23-18) » Kiamichi Preaching & Teaching Contest Competition (Tuesday) -     Qty:
(KC23-19) » Kiamichi Preaching & Teaching Contest Competition (Wednesday-Thursday) -     Qty:
(KC23-20) » - Clayton School Choir     Qty:
(KC23-21) » Separation of Church & State - Dan Fisher     Qty:
(KC23-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
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