International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference

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International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
Recorded: 10/1/23 in Orlando FL
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(ICSC23-A) » Sunday Plenary Session - The Most Reverend Donald Hanchion     Qty:
(ICSC23-B) » Monday Plenary Session - The Most Reverend James Golka     Qty:
(ICSC23-C) » Tuesday Plenary Session - The Most Reverend Donald Hying     Qty:
(ICSC23-01) » Must - Have Stewardship Practices that Will Transform Your Perish - Dave Baranowski     Qty:
(ICSC23-02) » Is Your Donor Engagement Relational or Transactional? - Michael MacKiinnon     Qty:
(ICSC23-03) » The Importance of the National Eucharistic Revival - Most Rev. Andrew Cozzens, Fernando Gomez     Qty:
(ICSC23-04) » A Genorosity Story - Jan Engkasser     Qty:
(ICSC23-06) » Spirituality of Stewardship for Diocesan and Foundation Advancement Officers - Deacon Hicks Armor     Qty:
(ICSC23-07) » The ABC's of Managing a Donor Portfolio - Where to Spend Your Time for Maxium Effect - Mary Lou Ozimek     Qty:
(ICSC23-08) » Transforming Your Planned Giving Program from Top to Bottom - Michael Morse, Mary Vlasak Snell, William Yaegers,     Qty:
(ICSC23-09) » The Generosity Crisis: The Case for Radical Connection to Restore Humanity and Solve Our Biggest Challenge - Brian Srimmins     Qty:
(ICSC23-10) » The 5 Secrets to Accelerating Major Gifts - Chris Kuetemeyer     Qty:
(ICSC23-11) » Eucharist and the Spirituality of Christian Stewardships: An Introduction - Reverend Stephen Jones     Qty:
(ICSC23-12) » A Collaborative Approach to Parish Leadership - Reverend Timothy LaBo     Qty:
(ICSC23-13) » Eucharist and Evangelization - Creating Active Stewards in Your Parish - Tony Brandt, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC23-14) » The Cost of Mediocrity - What Parishes Need to Know About Giving In 2023 and Beyond - Mike Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC23-15) » La Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad / The Spirituality of Stewardship - Reverand Diego Zalbidea Gonzalez     Qty:
(ICSC23-16) » 6 Fundraising Automations that will Blow Your Mind - Nic Prenger     Qty:
(ICSC23-18) » Harnessing the Power of the Parish for Planned Giving - Jane Lagger, Kimberly Bruining, Cory Howat, Abe Berryshimm     Qty:
(ICSC23-20) » Cultivating Healthy Stewardship Habits for Young Adults - Matt Kresich     Qty:
(ICSC23-22) » New Practices for a Changing World: Leading for Innovation - Justin Deuterman     Qty:
(ICSC23-23) » Why We Need to Understand that Eucharist and Stewardship Have a Symbiotic Relationship - Reverand Joe Creedon     Qty:
(ICSC23-24) » Inportant Lessons for the Parish Business Manager - Michael Zirkle     Qty:
(ICSC23-25) » Como estamos introduciendo la Corresponsabilidad en las Diocesis de Espana / How We Are Introducing Stewardship to the Diocess of Spain - Jos? Maria Albalad Aiguabella     Qty:
(ICSC23-26) » Perk Up Your Annual Appeal with Fresh Ideas - Jill McNally, Christine Prete, Steve Schons, Theresa Aide     Qty:
(ICSC23-27) » Achieving Maximum Impact from Your Small Development Office - A Panel Discussion of Diocesan Directors - Robert Anderson, Margaret Hampton, Rev. Michael Johns, Deacon Richard Mitchell,     Qty:
(ICSC23-28) » How Cultivating and Stewarding Donors Enhances Future Opportunities - Madelyn Weed     Qty:
(ICSC23-29) » Engagement Without Boundaries - Creating Cross - Cultural Campaigns - Jennifer Rodriguez, Edgar Barasso, Carlos Proano, Michael Goodwin     Qty:
(ICSC23-30) » Stewardship Commissions Add Value to Your Pastoral Team - Jim Kelley     Qty:
(ICSC23-31) » Implementing Laudato Si in the Parish - For Youth, the Future and Energy Savings! - Dan Misleh     Qty:
(ICSC23-32) » Seeking Out the Lost Sheep - Engaging Your Parishioners and Growing the Church - Lois Locey     Qty:
(ICSC23-33) » The Eucharist and Preaching Stewardship - Reverend Stephen Jones     Qty:
(ICSC23-34) » Compmelling Issues for Parish Administrators and Business Managers - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC23-35) » Una historia de generosidad / A Generosity Story - Sonia Navarro     Qty:
(ICSC23-36) » Using Resources Wisely - Amy Ponson     Qty:
(ICSC23-37) » A Novel Introduction of Stewardship in the Dioceses of Spain - Jos? Maria Albalad Aiguabella     Qty:
(ICSC23-38) » The Unharnessed Charitable Power of the Donor Advised Fund - Cory Howat     Qty:
(ICSC23-39) » The School Development Checklist - Getting Your Fundraising Ducks ina Row - Mary Foley     Qty:
(ICSC23-40) » Building Effective Parish and Diocesan Stakeholder Partnerships - Katie Price     Qty:
(ICSC23-41) » Building a Culture of Stewardship that Engages all Ages - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC23-42) » A Dilemma of Generosity and an Epidemic of Loneliness - Insights for How Parishes Can Respond - Terry Poplava     Qty:
(ICSC23-43) » Telling the3 Catholic Story to Get People Back to the Eucharist - Monsignor Kieran Harrington     Qty:
(ICSC23-44) » Parish Strategic Planning to Ensure Sustainability - Johnny Day     Qty:
(ICSC23-45) » Aplicando los Principios de Corresponsabilidad en una Parroquia / Applying the Principles of Stewardship to a Parish - Reverand Milton Rivera     Qty:
(ICSC23-46) » Inspired by the Spirit - A Major Diocesan Success in a Challenging Climate - Kevin Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC23-47) » Don't You Know Me? - Improving the Donor Online Experience=More Personalization+Less Friction - Bridget Daly     Qty:
(ICSC23-48) » How Testimonials and Stories Drive Legacy Giving - Maureen O'Keeffe Lindgren     Qty:
(ICSC23-49) » A Prayer and Discernment Approach to Parish Capital Campaigns - Denis Greene     Qty:
(ICSC23-51) » A Parish Stewardship Tool Kit to Support Your Stewardship Journey - Jane Baldwin     Qty:
(ICSC23-52) » Clergy to Clergy - A Panel of ICSC Member Pastors Discuss the Effectiveness of Embracing Stewardship in Their Parishes - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC23-53) » Making the Most of the Parish Poor Box - A Fundamental of Eucharistic Stewardship - Dave Cook     Qty:
(ICSC23-54) » 450 Donors Raise $10 million to Rebuild Parish Schools - Reaching Your Capital Campaign Goals - Steve McSwain     Qty:
(ICSC23-55) » Llamando a los Jovenes a la Corresponsabilidad / Calling Youth to Stewardship - Carlos Bernard, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC23-56) » Navigating the Next Decade of Catholic Fundraising - TJ Wilson     Qty:
(ICSC23-57) » Proven Ways to Help Parishes Reach Their Appeal Goals Faster - Liz Canney     Qty:
(ICSC23-58) » Benefits of Offering a Faith-based Estate Planning Outreach Program to Catholic Families - Laura Meier     Qty:
(ICSC23-59) » The Essentials of Major Gifts - Current Donor Mindset and Making the Ask - Craig Leach     Qty:
(ICSC23-61) » Can I Get a Witness - Communicating Stewardship to the Parish - Sharon Ehrenkranz     Qty:
(ICSC23-62) » More Lessons in Engagement and Getting People Back in the Pews - Tommy Shultz     Qty:
(ICSC23-63) » Calling Parishioners to Eucharistic Stewardship - Very Reverand Sean Prince     Qty:
(ICSC23-64) » How Parishes and Dioceses Can Adopt Ecological Economics to Transform the Stewardship of Their Resources - Christina Babaglio-Slentz, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC23-65) » Dirigiendo Campanas Anuales Exitosas en la Comunidad Hispana / Conducting Successful Annual Appeals in the Hispanic Community - David Dolores     Qty:
(ICSC23-66) » A Trinity of Stewardship - Spiritual, Business and Technical - Sheila O'Hagan, James Lawrence     Qty:
(ICSC23-67) » Team Catholic - Dream Big, Then Do the Work - Matt Vuorela, Jaime Kinnaird     Qty:
(ICSC23-68) » Data Integrity - Stragegies to Maintain Donor Data Hygiene - Bryce Howard     Qty:
(ICSC23-69) » Database Mysteries Solved! - Kathy Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC23-71) » Where Are All the Young People? - Matt Kresich     Qty:
(ICSC23-72) » Communicating Effectively With all Generations of Parishioners to Build Engagement - Katie Price     Qty:
(ICSC23-73) » The Eucharist and the Message of Stewardship - Brian Niebrugge, Cory Howat     Qty:
(ICSC23-74) » How to Conduct a Fruitful In-House Offertory Enhancement Effort - Valeria Vessels     Qty:
(ICSC23-75) » Hacia Donde Nos Dirigimos? Planificacion de Nuestros Proximos Pasos / Where Do We Go From Here? Planning Our Next Steps - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC23-76) » Lessons Learned Through a Capital Campaign During COVID - Shannon Roh     Qty:
(ICSC23-77) » Building Capacity in the Development Office - Kimberlee Riley, Patty DiSandro, Mark Caonzemius     Qty:
(ICSC23-78) » Growing Strong Catholic Foundations - Best Practices to Incorporate and Pitfalls to Avoid - Elizabeth Tomlin, Esq., John Schlageter     Qty:
(ICSC23-81) » Why, How, What - A Framework For Stewardship Impact - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC23-82) » Adopting a Sister Parish - How An Opportunity for Missionary Discipleship Creates A Parish of Engaged Stewards - Reverand Pat Sheedy & Parish Team     Qty:
(ICSC23-83) » Diocesan Survey - What It Reveals and How It Can Help You - Jim Kelley, Thomas Kissane, Kerek Lyssy, Sheila O'Hagan, Shannon Roh,     Qty:
(ICSC23-84) » Managing Multiple Parishes - Chris Kozlowski, Chris Piebiak     Qty:
(ICSC23-85) » Rebuilt Faith - A Simple Plan for Reviving Your Faith Community - Reverand Michael White, Tom Corcoran     Qty:
(ICSC23-86) » The Best of the Best - Proven Annual Appeal Ideas From Coast to Coast - Jeanne Combos, Jim Kelley, Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC23-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC23-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
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