The Gathering (Kiamichi Men's Clinic)

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The Gathering (Kiamichi Men's Clinic)
Recorded: 5/20/24 in Honobia OK
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(TG24-01) » Christ Will Come For His Bride the Church - Don Ott     Qty:
(TG24-02) » Do Something - Mike Baker     Qty:
(TG24-03) » Victory Christian Church, Our Story - Joel Goddard     Qty:
(TG24-04) » You Will Remember - Raymond Johnson     Qty:
(TG24-05) » Time To Take A Stand - Salonique Adolphe     Qty:
(TG24-06) » Back To The Basics - Carl Teel     Qty:
(TG24-07) » Baptism - Dr. Mark Berrier     Qty:
(TG24-08) » Have You Heard the Good News - Larry West (Wednesday)     Qty:
(TG24-09) » The Movement Continues - Aaron Davis     Qty:
(TG24-10) » Stepping Into the Covenant (Part 1 of 2) - Larry West     Qty:
(TG24-11) » Stepping Into the Covenant (Part 2 of 2) - Larry West     Qty:
(TG24-12) » Amazed - Aaron Davis     Qty:
(TG24-13) » Just Say Yes - Cliff Smith     Qty:
(TG24-14) » Kiamichi Preaching & Teaching Contest Competition (Tuesday) - J. Hoch, L. Williams, KJ. Donaldson, J. Burton, K. Hooper, B. Ratcliffe, L. Stucki, K. Donaldson, S. Wright, E. Doss, L. Murphy, A. Jones, M. Miller, D. Easley     Qty:
(TG24-15) » Kiamichi Preaching & Teaching Contest Competition (Wednesday) - Aubree McDaniel, Annbra McDaniel, E. Fairless, A. Fairless, M. Melton, G. Melton, C. McDaniel, D. Davis, S. Davis, A. Davis, E. Jones, J. Chaney, L. Doyle, P. Doyle, T. Doyle     Qty:
(TG24-16) » Kiamichi Preaching & Teaching Contest Competition (Thursday) - J. Devers, B. Miller, E. Gilmore, K. Franke, H. Gore, N. Witte, E. Franke, E. Miller, G. Roberts, R. McManus, C. Cook, A. Doss, J. Devers     Qty:
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